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Is it just me, or is Kristen Doute actually sounding more and more…sane lately? Maybe it’s the therapy. Maybe it’s the blessed lack of James Kennedy in her life. But whatever it is, Kristen seems to be making sense these days when it comes to her take on the cast of Vanderpump Rules, and where she hopes to fit within it.

In her blog this week, Kristen reacts to Jax including James on the Hawaii trip after he’d initially banned him from going. “I’ve seen a lot of growth in Jax lately and I attribute a lot of that to him dating Brittany [Cartwright]. Whether or not I could go to Hawaii, I know Jax didn’t want James on his birthday trip. Jax should have been allowed a veto if [Tom] Sandoval was, but Jax also knew throwing a fit about it wasn’t going to get him anywhere. It’s not that he gave in, he just knew it wasn’t worth being an issue and letting it bother him.”


Sure, Jax might be maturing (in Kristen’s eyes!), but Katie Maloney is actually moving forward in her “adulting” world, finally engaged to Tom Schwartz. Noting that she hadn’t been to Katie’s apartment in two years, Kristen shares, “I was so anxious and excited that she, literally, opened up her door for me. I believe that timing is everything and although it was devastating in the past to lose my best friend, there is no time like the present to have a fresh start. I didn’t want back what I had with Katie — I wanted something new and even better.”

“The night that Katie got engaged, a friend sent me a text instructing me to look at my social media. It was a roller coaster of emotions,” admits Kristen. “I cried because I was ecstatic for her and I cried because I wasn’t there like I had always thought I would be. It was a moment in time that could never be recreated. I try to look at it as optimistically as possible — I still have a bachelorette party and wedding to help plan!”

Despite moving on with Katie, Kristen seems to accept that she, Tom 1, and Ariana Madix might never be copacetic. It all came to a head over the Hawaii trip. Kristen blogs, “Obviously I wanted to go to Hawaii with all of my friends. I wanted to celebrate Jax’s birthday and TomKat’s engagement. Once I spoke to Tom face to face, I was able to put myself in his shoes and really accept not going. I do, however, think after this much time that has passed, he and Ariana need to get over this grudge they have with me.”

After Kristen’s conversation with Tom 1 outside of Jax’s birthday lunch, Kristen says she accepts that she “will never be friends with Tom or Ariana and I prefer it that way.”

More than one person (Ariana included) have questioned Kristen’s motivations on her “apology tour” of late, but Kristen claims that she holds no grudges toward Tom and Ariana any longer. She just flat out doesn’t like them! #OkayThen

Kristen asserts, “I want to be clear that it has nothing to do with the animosity I used to hold regarding the demise of my relationship and the start of theirs. They’re just not my kind of people. I would like group settings to be easier for OUR friends. I have found a new sense of peace and I don’t entertain the idea of bad blood when I’m not emotionally affected by it. I suggest the same to Tom and Ariana: If I don’t ‘have power’ over them anymore, let it go.”


Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images