Kathryn Edwards

Kathryn Edwards Has No Regrets About Telling Kyle Richards What She Thinks of Faye Resnick!

It may have been 20-plus years ago that Faye Resnick capitalized on wrote a book on the death of Nicole Simpson which mentioned Kathryn Edwards’ (and her ex-husband’s) name, but Kathryn was not done processing it all when the cameras were rolling on this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Having only met Faye in person this year at Kyle Richards’ barbecue, Kathryn says she needed some time to get over a wound that goes deep, and she frankly doesn’t care whether Kyle understands that or not! 

The newest addition to RHOBH, Kathryn prides herself on being honest and says she’ll always “‘have the balls’ to speak the truth.” And if she’s not quite done holding a grudge against Faye, well…she’s in good company: Lisa Vanderpump is still not over Faye coming for her at her anniversary party three years ago (nor should she be, in my opinion!).  


Kathryn begins her blog by reviewing Lisa Rinna’s visit to Erika Girardi’s home. “Erika and Lisa Rinna…gorgeous home, tough conversation. I feel for Rinna. I don’t think she meant to start this whirlwind, but it’s out now, and she has to do the right thing and own it with Yolanda [Foster]. Yolanda deserves an apology, and Lisa feels remorseful–should be no problem, right?” (Sure, Erika! That’s how things work on the Planet of the Real Housewives! #LostInSpace)

While Kathryn remarks, “Yolanda and Erika walking on the beach warmed my heart,” she does admit she didn’t understand the whole conversation (Erika relayed to Yolanda) about Yolanda’s children. And their Lyme Disease. And whether they have it. And who’s questioning their illnesses. (And – oh god! Make it STOP!) “If you have a question, ask Yolanda,” instructs Kathryn. “Surely she knows what’s going on with her children better than anyone. That’s the stuff that starts problems. We’ll see how that one shakes out.”

Kathryn sees both sides of the Rinna/Yolanda situation, though. “I do feel like Rinna owned it and sincerely apologized but regardless, it doesn’t make it right, and Yolanda has every right to feel hurt and disappointed,” she writes. 

As for “The par-tay…OK, we all dressed like two-bit hookers in ridiculously expensive, trashy outfits, but we looked pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself,” comments Kathryn. “I was so happy to see Eileen [Davidson]. She was the one that I felt the biggest affinity for from the start, and I was happy she was back from a heartfelt trip. I know she had jet lag, and she was a trooper to show up.”

Kathryn has also grown close enough to Erika these days to give her a pass on the C-word! She reveals, “Erika using the c— word…um, ya…I don’t like the C-word. It’s really harsh to me, very degrading, but somehow at this stage of the game, meaning today, Erika has gotten me used to it. I heard her say it so much, along with a few other choice words that somehow (I can’t believe I’m saying this) don’t seem that awful anymore. I know, strange…but it’s true. I won’t be using the word myself but nonetheless it seems funny when Erika says it.”

Finally, on to the Resnick dirt! Kathryn asserts, “My conversation with Kyle regarding Faye was completely organic and honest. I’m sorry if Kyle didn’t or doesn’t understand my feelings, but I’m not going to smile and act like I don’t feel that way. I defend and protect those I love, too. I get it, but if Kyle and I are going to have a friendship, I’d rather she knows me for who I am and what I believe in. Trust me when I say, I’ll always ‘have the balls’ to speak the truth. Everything I said that night was true to who I am. I don’t agree with what Faye did in writing that book…honestly, I think Faye probably regrets it. She sullied Nicole’s memory.”

At this point in her life, Kathryn says she’s truly moved on. “I do believe Faye is in a completely different place now. I’m happy to say that, but people whom you’ve affected have a right to voice their grievances regardless of the time that passed. I’m over it…I feel no ill will towards Faye anymore…I wish her happiness, honestly I do.”


Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo