Kim Richards and Kimberly Jackson

Kim Richards’ Daughter Kimberly Admits To Being Kim’s “Caretaker” In Preview For ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment’

Next month Kim Richards will be back on reality TV with a new show The Mother/Daughter Experiment. Kim stars alongside her daughter, Kimberly Jackson, and a slew of other tumultuous mother/daughter pairs, to deal with their relationship issues. Don’t even bother asking if we’re recapping this because duh – of course we are! #GluttonsForPunishment #MasochistBloggers

In a new preview, Kim and Kimberly attend a therapy session where they watch and respond to taped one-on-one segments about their relationship.


Kim’s 21-year-old daughter Kimberly admits to feeling like her mother’s caretaker during Kim’s struggle for sobriety. Heartbreaking for Kimberly! “I feel like I’m her caretaker because she’s fragile physically and emotionally,” admits Kimberly. “And it does overwhelm me.” Kimberly is the former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills‘ star’s youngest child. 

Speaking of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Kim is up to her old Housewives tricks on Mother/Daughter Experiment by refusing to actually discuss her real issues. Which makes sense considering this is a televised therapy show!  When pressed about how RHOBH affected her life, Kim explains, “It really hurt me because I was struggling with certain things.” (Naturally, Kim continues to express a desire to return to RHOBH even though she claims it’s ruined her life. Cause: LOGIC. Lucky Bravo doesn’t appear to want her back. Cause: Thank You Jesus!)

Of the impact Housewives has on Kimberly and Kim’s relationship, it makes Kimberly feel “protective” towards her mother“It probably is tough to watch me get beat up by some of the girls on my show,” agrees Kim, who insists she’s gotta get through it. “I’m OK,” she promises Kimberly. 

“I did the best I could,” Kim cries, “so to let my kids down in any way – it’s devastating.” 

It’s clear not everything is being revealed by Kim and Kimberly, but when pressed by the therapist Kim admits there are “other things” going on at home but refuses to discuss it. The other castmates are clearly frustrated by Kim’s continued denial! 

During filming Kim was dealing with issues with her sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton. As well as legal issues, plus managing sobriety and treatment. Or there could have been something else going on which has yet to be revealed.

The preview is below. The Mother/Daughter Experiment premiers March 1 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime. 


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]

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