Heather Dubrow and Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Talks Kim Richards And Faye Resnick On Heather Dubrow’s World; A Lot Isn’t “Fair” In Kyle Richards’ Life

Kim Richards and Faye Resnick were the hot topics on part two of Heather Dubrow and Kyle Richards‘ chat on Heather Dubrow’s World. (In case you missed it, Kyle and Heather talked about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Orange County on part one.)

Kyle admits she doesn’t like to talk about Kim around Lisa Rinna. “She’s had problems with Kim so that’s why it’s uncomfortable for me to speak about anything regarding Kim with Lisa Rinna. They left off so badly that I don’t feel comfortable talking about Kim with her. It makes me feel guilty.”


Kyle says she does not hold a grudge, generally, but adds that sometimes it is smart to hold a grudge against someone to protect yourself. Um, hello?! That’s exactly what Lisa Vanderpump says she’s accused of holding grudges against people… mostly recently against Faye.

Speaking of Lisa, Heather thinks she was “so rude” to Eileen Davidson when she asked questions about her marriage. Kyle shares, “Well, I mean, it seemed like she was being a little insensitive.”

Back to Kim, Heather tells Kyle, “You said every family has their stuff, but yours is all over the news because basically everyone in your family is famous.”

“It’s very hard,” bemoans Kyle. “That’s what is frustrating for me at times. They all show what’s going on in their lives at the time but nothing that spills over into any other part of their personal life. But mine has always been front and center because my sister was on the show, which is understandable and we signed up for that, but she’s not on the show now. It’s not fair.”

Kyle says she understands people are curious about Kim but she doesn’t want to be questioned “every episode” and “every time we talk.” Especially since Kim isn’t there to defend herself.

“I feel guilty having to speak for her,” insists Kyle. “It’s not my place and it puts me in a bad position. I know everyone else has stuff going on in their lives, so I’m like, ‘Why don’t you start talking about your stuff?’ It’s not fair. It’s already on TMZ and all over. It’s painful for my whole family. It was mainly about my nieces and nephew that was bothering me the most. I don’t want them to have to relive the stuff in six months when there mom is not even on the show. It’s not fair.”

Kyle claims, other than mourning the loss of Monty Brinson, Kim is “great” right now. “For herself personally, she’s sober, she’s healthy, she’s been happy. Losing Monty, her ex-husband who was a very close friend of hers, was very hard but they were expecting it for so long. He was really suffering at the end. It is still a big loss though.”

Heather gushes over Kyle‘s close relationship with her sisters <What show is she watching?> and Kyle’s commitment to her family. “We’re not always perfect, obviously, but family’s the most important thing to me,” says Kyle.

Moving on to Faye, Kyle shares, “People who have never met her have such a different idea of who she actually is. It’s incredible. I don’t know of anybody who has ever met Faye who doesn’t say [they] love Faye.”

Heather says she hasn’t met Faye in person but she has spoken to her on the phone because she decorated Terry‘s office.  “She was super nice. My opinion, just from being a viewer, I think the reason why people have that opinion of her… let’s take the OJ stuff away for a second because there’s plenty of people who don’t know her from that stuff… I think that she came off so bad.”

“I’ll tell you why,” declares Kyle. “First of all, she had said to Lisa, ‘I think you’re going after Adrienne having Brandi do your dirty work.’ Everybody was like, Oh my God! I mean, you would have thought that she slept with Lisa Vanderpump’s husband or something. That wasn’t that big of a deal. There were people who were thinking that and feeling that – she’s just the one who happened to say it. But it was not that. What it was was, do you remember she said, ‘No matter how many Chanel bags you borrow you’ll never be a lady.’

Heather, “Yes. That was not a good sentence.”

“But this is what people don’t know and this is why it was frustrating,” continues Kyle. “Brandi was always saying that she didn’t have any money. I said to her one day, ‘I don’t understand why you always are saying that when you drive a Range Rover and you have all these Chanel bags and you have Louis Vuitton luggage‎ with your name monogrammed on it.’ Lisa Vanderpump was defending her, saying it was all borrowed. It’s all borrowed, meaning she is just borrowing this stuff to wear it when she’s filming. That was never shown because we don’t talk about the fourth wall. So when Faye said that she was referring to Lisa saying that but you don’t know that and you think it just came out of the blue. It came across like ‘we have money and you do not’ and that’s not where it came from at all. It’s really frustrating.”

Heather feels Faye came across as a meddling “friend of” who “just wanted to make an impact,” adding, “I think that she was too impactful.” Kyle argues, “But people didn’t realize she was a cast member. She was a PAID cast member.”

Heather asks Kyle, who sat Kathryn Edwards across from Faye at the BBQ – you or production? Kyle insists, “I did not place the place cards.” Heather reveals that she checks, and moves if she sees fit, place cards when she hosts filmed event. “I never even looked at who was where,” says Kyle. “It’s my house, I take responsibility, but I did not place them.”

About the confrontation, Heather admits, “I thought Faye handled it very well because Kathryn was ready to rip her head off. She had 20 years of animosity built up inside of her.” Kyle agrees, “I feel she handled herself very well.”

Faye hasn’t been on the show for a long time – she was misunderstood, she had very mean tweets, and it was very hurtful to her. She’s actually a very good person. She’s kind. She’s compassionate. She’s just a lover of life,” says Kyle. “When Kathryn went at her, she just kept her calm.”

Kyle says Faye and Kathryn have since talked and moved on.

“Then guess what Kathryn does in her blog this week – throws Faye under the bus,” she complains. “She’s new. She doesn’t realize how hurtful it is when those words are so strong and then people react to them. Then the tweets and the comments are so hurtful. It’s devastating. It sounds stupid, but especially for someone who’s not dealing with it as often as we deal with it, it’s devastating.”

About the book excerpt, Heather shares, “I didn’t think it was that harsh about Kathryn. Look, she was writing a book, so she was telling from her point of view what happened. She did make it sound like Kathryn knew that Marcus was having affairs and stuff but she also said something nice about her.”

In other news, Kyle says that the Kyle By Alene Too store in Southampton was super successful, so she is opening a new store in New York City soon. Kyle and Heather also talk about their kids, religion and the trials and tribulations of filming with Terry and Mauricio. If you’re interested, that talk begins at the 51:00 mark on Heather Dubrow’s World on podcastone.com.


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