Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Calls Out Yolanda Foster’s Hypocrisy; Says Yolanda And Lisa Rinna’s Hug Felt Fake

Better late (because her demanding Celebrity Apprentice schedule) than never, Kyle Richards shares her thoughts on last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her blog. Before Kyle addresses Kathryn Edwards‘ lunch or Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Foster‘s confrontation, however, she revisits the talk about Bella Hadid, Anwar Hadid, and Lyme.

“Before I start with this week I would like to address the conversation back at my ‘BBQ’ with Lisa Vanderpump at the table,” says Kyle. “Unless a parent brings up their children themselves, children are ALWAYS off limits. Yolanda had told Erika and me ON camera that Bella and Anwar have Lyme disease. Obviously it is not a secret if you tell people on camera.”


“I asked the question to Lisa (knowing she is friends with Mohamed) what was going on with Bella and Anwar. That was not asked in a malicious way – at all – and certainly was not an outrageous question,” maintains Kyle. “The reply I got prompted me to ask more because it was confusing. I already stated in a previous blog that I regret continuing to ask Lisa. However, I certainly meant no harm toward Bella and Anwar. Yolanda has since said ‘kids are off limits,’ but she is the one who brought her kids up in the first place. If Yolanda had told me privately, and asked me not to mention it, I NEVER would have.”

Moving on to Kathryn‘s lunch, Kyle says the afternoon turned “uncomfortable” when her sister, aka Kim Richards, became a topic of conversation. 

“I don’t like to hear Lisa Rinna speak against my sister,” says Kyle. “It bothers me that she claims to have empathy for anyone who suffers from addiction and then says terrible things about Kim. I have tried to keep the situation between Rinna and Kim separate from our friendship. However, she tends to bring it up again and again making that difficult. I understand she is entitled to her feelings, but there is a time and place. If she cared about our friendship at all, it would not be with me sitting right there, while saying such hurtful remarks about Kim as well as in her interviews.”

Kyle shares, “Kathryn defending my sister while sharing the loss of her father was touching. A moment so personal we were all brought to tears and felt that much closer to Kathryn.”

About Erika Girardi‘s BBQ, Kyle jokes, “OK, so if my BBQ wasn’t really a BBQ, what was Erika’s? I walked in and was expecting a Ferris wheel.”

Kyle points out the hypocrisy in Yolanda‘s argument against Lisa Rinna, “Yolanda clearly is still upset with Rinna and rightfully so. However, I do have to agree with Rinna. By Yolanda saying she ‘could’ say she is bipolar but ‘wouldn’t do that’ IS already putting that out there. It’s exactly like Lisa Rinna saying she didn’t say Yolanda had Munchausens but ‘engaged’ in a conversion about it… well, here we are six months later, hearing and talking about it.”

Kyle calls out Lisa and Yolanda‘s “let’s hug and move on” nonsense as “false and abrupt.”


Photo Credit: Bravo