Yolanda Foster

Last year, Yolanda Foster Hadid barely attended the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion due to Lyme Disease. This year she is hoping and praying that her 60% improved brain function holds out so she can fully be present – not that she has anything to prove! “I’m praying my brain will be good,” says a hopeful Yolanda. 

Above: Yolanda at last year’s reunion. 

“Last year I showed up in a robe. I don’t even know how I got my body there,” reveals Yolanda, forgetting that we saw her sitting on stage fully functioning with hair, makeup, and designer wardrobe. Or perhaps I missed the portion of the reunion where Yolanda was wheeled out in her hospital bed? 


“I hope this year I can be dressed and feel good and can come and have a conversation from the heart,” Yolanda tells Bravo TV. “I’ve already forgiven and moved on. I’m looking forward.” 

Yes, like her blogs demonstrate, Yolanda is all about empathy and forgiveness.

“Honestly I don’t need to confront anybody. Whatever people see on TV today was something we filmed six months ago,” insists Yolanda. “At that time, I’d been in bed and isolated from the world for so long… my emotions – I was like an open sore. People didn’t even need to talk to me. I could feel their energies just affecting me in a way that was very uncomfortable.” 

That’s code for – I am not about to start a buncha drama and be called out for covering up my divorce drama and lying

Apparently Yolanda is finished with the part of her journey that involves defending her journey. “I’m going to defend my point of view – I’m opinionated just like all of them,” maintains Yolanda. “I’m not here to prove to these women anything. I’m not here to judge any of them.”

Yolanda continues, “It’s more about having a conversation and hopefully walking away from that reunion hugging and just getting on with life, because at the end of the day, none of it really matters, right? Especially in my journey.”

Yes, ladies – everything is about the journey. YOLANDA’S journey

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Tonight is a new emotionally-charged episode of RHOBH. Despite all the animosity, Erika Girardi hosts a dinner party at her home and invites all the Housewives, even the ones she doesn’t like, unfortunately Kathryn Edwards gets into a heated discussion with Erika and Tom! Also Yolanda unleashes Kim and Brandi on us – which just no and yuck times a trillion.

From destroying one house, to building another – Kyle Richards recruits the ladies to help construct a Habitat For Humanity house. Finally, Lisa Rinna makes a startling accusation about Lisa Vanderpump

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[Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo]

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