Little Women: Atlanta Recap – Savan-nah

Last night on Little Women: Atlanta, Emily Fernandez tried to reunify the group with a trip to Savannah. Unfortunately it only made the division worse!

Now that Emily is preggers, she’s taking a break from being Right Cheek and sticking to managing Bri Barlup‘s career as Left Cheek. Emily has been getting a lot of bookings and gets a request for an appearance by the remaining Cheek, PLUS The Tiny Twins! Emily thinks Bri should take the opportunity to expand their brand, but also because it’s in Savannah and they could make it into a weekend at the beach by inviting the rest of the girls. 

Bri has her doubts, remembering what happened last time they worked with Andrea and Amanda Salinas. Emily persuades Bri by giving her permission to blame everything on Emily if it goes badly. Just kidding – they would so blame the twins, and joke about who would be responsible if the weekend is a disaster. Little did they know the Twins and the Cheeks would be the least of anyone’s concerns! 


Monie Cashette is really disappointed after the video shoot went so badly. She hoped to empower the girls, but instead, she let down her friends and is embarrassed. She’s defeated that none of her plans are working out. To boost her spirits, Morlin takes her to a flower shop to make her own arrangement. Tired of her moping, he encourages her to put energies into cooking and taking care of the house since she’s not employed and all.


Monie invites Amanda and Andrea to teach her to cook Mexican food. Monie is stuck on southern cooking, though, and accidentally fries the chicken. While the twins are salvaging dinner, Emily calls, pitching the club appearance and vacation to Savannah. The twins are cautiously optimistic, but believe everything will be fine – if Emily keeps her mouth in check!

Everyone was worried about Emily causing mayhem, but unfortunately they didn’t realize it was Monie and Minnie Ross were going to have all the issues. 

Monie has still not gotten over Minnie lying about Pastor TroyIf they truly are friends, that is a big betrayal given Minnie was lying for a while. Monie is also still upset she defended Minnie to Juicy and it was all for nothing – nothing which Minnie didn’t even appreciate! Minnie hopes the trip will get their friendship back on track, meanwhile Monie isn’t sure she can ever trust Minnie again! Uh-oh. 

They drive in separate cars, Minnie with the Cheeks; Monie with the twins. Did anyone else notice Emily wasn’t wearing a seatbelt? I guess she can’t because of her size, but holy unsafe. 

The house in Savannah is beautiful and right on the beach, Emily and Bri share a room, Minnie gets her own room, but they stick the twins and Monie in a room with full-sized bunkbeds! Naturally Monie will have to take top bunk since the twins are too short to get up the ladder. Navigating the luggage is another drama for the Littles. As Minnie describes, “The struggle is real when you have to carry a suitcase as big as you are!”

Monie proposes going out for a drink as an apology to the group for the disastrous video shoot, which I thought was a nice gesture (and surprisingly mature for Monie). She apologizes to the ladies and admits her embarrassment. When Minnie comments on how ratchet the whole shoot was, Monie shades her for ‘turning up’ on the director over his unprofessionalism and refusing to let it go.

Minnie insists she was defending Monie, who asked to be there as support, which brings Monie back to how she defended Minnie to Juicy, over Minnie’s lie about Troy. Minnie and Monie start yelling at each other in the bar, while the other girls look on, worriedly. After that no one is really feeling it, so they all leave. These two have some seriously unresolved issues and it’s causing tension within the whole group. Emily is frustrated that it seems as if they can never get along all together. Minnie has also noticed that since hanging out with Monie, the twins never come around her.

Minnie is fiercely protective of her “Mama Bear” image, as the one who brings little people together, and is worried about losing that status to Monie’s influence. Apparently Minnie doesn’t think Monie is a worthy Mama Bear, or is that Minnie likes being in control? Since Monie can’t even control herself,  I don’t think Minnie has too much to worry about!


The next morning Minnie makes everyone breakfast, but only Emily and Bri show up to eat. Minnie confesses she had no idea Monie was still upset – she thought they had moved past it. Emily and Bri can’t believe Monie is still harping on the Juicy issue – after all it was MONIE who blew that way, way, WAY out of proportion! That afternoon the Cheeks explore Savannah with Minnie, while Monie and the twins go in a different direction. The Cheeks and Minnie are sad the group is so divided.

That evening everyone meets downtown to return to the house together. Monie’s ingenious idea is to rent a group-pedal bike to take them across town, unfortunately NO ONE can reach the pedals so they’re marooned, waiting for average-sized people to get on and do the legwork! Finally a group of ladies arrives, but only pedal one block before hoping off leaving the Littles stuck once again. Monie was expecting a free ride – as in someone else would do all the work pedaling to the house, while they had drinks, unfortunately like all the free-rides Monie has tried lately, it didn’t work out! Eventually the group decides to walk. 

Minnie is stressed about the twins distancing themselves and decides to talk to them one-on-one, without Monie. While everyone is getting ready, she pulls Amanda aside for a talk. Minnie tears up because she feels like she’s losing the twins as friends and she really cares about them. Amanda sees it differently, they feel Minnie hasn’t been coming around since she admitted lying about Pastor Troy. Amanda and Andrea promise they don’t feel any resentment towards her and their friendship is fine. Minnie isn’t convinced. I think Minnie has a guilty conscience.


Monie is annoyed by Minnie’s tactic and it causes even more tension. At the club, she’s distant and disengaged. The club… ummm…. It’s basically a dive bar with a stage. They serve 40’s in brown bags. Emily is shocked and admits “This is not what we’re used to.” Emily and the Twins decide to make the best of it and have fun. They take the stage like pros. Bri is relieved and excited that they all got along. While they’re twerking, a crazy woman gets up on stage with them and starts dancing super weirdly. It’s entirely laughable in a deranged way, but Monie is offended. She’s furious that everyone was pissed with her over the trashy and embarrassing video, but then they dragged her to this! 

An angry Monie, storms off, and leaves without saying goodbye. Emily and Bri are confused. “I thought she was here to support the twins?” Emily wonders. Minnie is at a loss for words. At least everyone else got along! 


The next day Monie is up, packed, and perched on the edge of the sofa, arms crossed, waiting for the twins so they can leave bright and early. When the twins confront her about ditching them the night before, Monie sulks that she knew she’d have to do all the driving back to Atlanta since the twins don’t have a license and didn’t want to stay out late. Amanda and Andrea know she’s lying. “We’re stuck in the middle between Minnie and Monie,” they complain. 

Emily and Bri are straight fed-up with Monie causing problems. They blame Monie’s negative attitude for splitting the group. “How old are we?” wonders an annoyed Bri. For the Cheeks there is no question that they are loyal to Minnie. After all, if the Cheeks and the twins can put aside their differences and get along, why can’t Monie and Minnie? Especially since they’re supposed to be close friends! Emily thinks Monie is causing drama on purpose to split the group so she can take over. Not happening on Emily’s watch – pregnant or not! 

Minnie decides to confront Monie so they can work things out before returning to Atlanta. She is tired of the tension and doesn’t even know what the issue is – especially because the week before Monie was begging her to come to the video shoot to support her, which Minnie did, and this was after the orchard where Minnie confessed to lying about Troy. Minnie assumed everything was fine, and is surprised Monie is still angry. 

They go outside to talk and it immediately escalates to yelling. Minnie feels like she can never get a word in edgewise with Monie, who talks over her all the time. Monie is still just pissed over Minnie’s lie. She can’t look past it – even after all the times Minnie had her back and Minnie’s promises that she won’t lie again! Minnie complains that Monie is always rolling her eyes at her when she walks into the room and she can tell her presence is not wanted. She’s noticed the twins have started doing this too. Monie flips out and starts slow clapping, sarcastically asking if she should bow down to Miss Minnie. That’s it for Minnie. “Talking to you is like talking to a tree,” she sighs, as Monie storms away.  

I see both sides – I think Minnie feels guilty and is over-reacting to Monie and the twins, projecting her own feelings onto their actions, especially with the twins, who don’t seem all that annoyed. The twins are basically as vapid as pop rocks. Monie, on the other hand, I understand her hurt over being lied to by a close friend, but she is handling it ALL WRONG! Pretending you’re over it, then acting like everything is fine one minute even though it’s not, but avoiding the person and making passive aggressive digs the next time, is not OK. If you say you’re over something, you have to live like you’re over something. After Monie included Minnie in the music video, asking her to come as support, Minnie probably did believe all was fine!

A furious Monie gathers the twins to leave, while an upset Minnie confides to the Cheeks that the talk was a disaster. She doesn’t know what to do. It’s clear this isn’t over! Emily is disappointed – far from bringing the group together, her idea of a weekend vacation to Savannah, divided them even further.


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