Stassi Schroeder Says James Kennedy’s Mom Robbed A Bank & Stole Money From Kristen Doute; Accepted On Raya Dating App That Denied Brandi Glanville


When Stassi Schroeder returns to the spotlight (aka the latest season of Vanderpump Rules), she does so with a bang. This week she spills piping hot tea about her Vanderpump castmates on The Bitch Bible podcast.

Stassi starts off yapping about how she ditched Xanax and is now obsessed with pot instead for her relaxing and sleep related needs. She and host Jackie Schimmel then laugh together about James Kennedy getting scolded by Andy at the reunion for being on his phone during the taping. “I couldn’t imagine if I broke out my phone in the middle of the reunion”.  And then they discuss their mutual obsession with his awesomely bad music video.

Stassi then spills scalding hot tea after Jackie jokes that James and his mom are “definitely f***ing.” Stassi shares, “Well, she robbed a bank! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this. She robbed a bank and she stole money from Kristen and it was like a huge deal.” She adds, “I don’t want to know too many details because of reasons like this, I have to say them on a podcast. So just don’t tell me.”  Stassi laughs, “She might be my hero.”

Stassi further explains that his mom was working at a bank when it happened, but that she doesn’t know any of the other details.

She says she tried to keep an open mind about newbie Lala Kent and that Lala was very nice to her, but she doesn’t like her.  Lala shares on the reunion that she lost her boyfriend over the salad tossing conversation.

Stassi then reveals that she and the entire Vanderpump Rules cast agree that Lala got THE best edit ever this season. Their theory is that they’re (Bravo/producers) trying to keep the show focused on the restaurant and so they need people who are actually working at the restaurant. “Because the rest of us are finally going off and doing our own shit.” Erm. Okay.

Another Lala revelation: Stassi says Lala pulled a knife on Faith Stowers this season but it didn’t make it to air.

Stassi later admits that she wanted to hate Tom Sandoval’s music video, but she loves it because the song is so catchy.  Jackie disagrees and thinks it’s embarrassing.

She also gives us another bit of hilarity.  When she and Patrick broke up for a few days recently she joined Raya!  You know the one – that dating app for famous people that just rejected Brandi Glanville.  Yeah, two points go to Stassi because she was accepted in about 15 minutes flat.  Jackie’s is still pending after a week, but she shouldn’t despair – pending is better than rejected!


Photo Credit: Instagram