NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 29: (L-R) TV personalities Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer attend "The Real Housewives Of New York City" Season 8 Premiere Party at Beautique on March 29, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Sonja Morgan Is Fine With Putting It ALL Out There On Real Housewives Of New York!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 29:  Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer attend

There’s no shame in Sonja Morgan‘s game! The Real Housewives Of New York star, who has let it ALL hang out – from her drunken escapades, to her dental debacles, to her T&A, (and more T&A), to her romantic entanglements, to her business bungles, house haunts, bankruptcy, and divorce woes – promises she’s not ashamed or embarrassed of her often outrageous exploits, although she does have at least ONE regret!

Sonja is used to being herself on camera – all of herself – even when it’s not the most flattering angle or best behavior. “At this point it’s been eight years,” she shrugs, speaking from the Season 8 premiere party. 


So what has Sonja learned from airing all her naughty bits? “In the end [the drama] brings us closer because we get through it together. But being on Housewives is worse than a sorority – it’s more of a hazing process.”

Hazing or no, criticisms or not, Sonja has never been shy. After all – it’s not like she hasn’t put on a good show! She quips, “Everybody’s seen my snatch, they’ve seen my boobs, they’ve seen my bank account, they’ve seen all my houses, they’ve seen my boyfriends from age 24 to 84.”

That’s true – we have seen it all. Much, much, MUCH more than I ever thought I’d want to, but I have to give Sonja credit for being brazen and honest enough to let her real tumultuous life all hang out. So many of the women on these shows look like Chanel bag from the outside, while their lives are like a Walmart grocery bag on the inside!

Sonja’s former co-star Heather Thomson agrees that sometimes she’s seen a bit too much of Sonja’s Caburlesque! “I saw Sonja’s nipples and vagina so much on that trip [St. Barth’s], I thought I should start petting and feeding them,” she joked to Page Six

Although even Sexy-J Sonja has some regrets – in addition to some regrettable moments! “[I only regret] talking about business right out of the box when I probably should have just kept my mouth shut,” she considers. Sonja’s business repertoire has spanned the gamut from a Toaster Oven to Nowhere, to a Nigerian t-shirt collection, a yacht with P. Diddy, to fashion, to interns, to cocktails – Lord only knows what’s next. (My vote is a female condom!). 

Photos from the Real Housewives Of New York season 8 premiere party at Beautique are below. (*sniff* Reality Tea got an invite but couldn’t go! *sniff*)

RHONY premieres Wednesday, April 6th at 9/10c. 


Photo Credit:  John Lamparski/WireImage