Yolanda Foster: “Mohamed Hasn’t Talked To Lisa Vanderpump In 8 Months”; Married David For Love, Not Money

After tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale, Yolanda Foster and Erika Jayne were guests on Watch What Happens Live. It was a little bit like the RHOBH finale – all about Yolanda! Erika was just there for moral support, apparently.

Yolanda just returned from Tahiti and says she should’ve just moved there because it was wonderful and she’s feeling “better and better every day.”

Erika and Yolanda are asked what did they think about Ken calling Lisa Rinna a stupid bitch and a wanker? Yolanda says “I’ve heard it before. He called me a bitch. I’ve seen it before and I wasn’t happy about it.”

Erika on her first reunion taping, “it was everything I was told it would be.”

After a montage of their best friendship moments, Erika says that she and Yolanda have been friends for 10 years and met through their husbands.

Andy plays a game – saying a name and asking Yolanda if she’s still fond of that person.

Lisa Rinna? “No.”

Lisa Vanderpump: “Not Really.”

Kyle Richards: “Medium.”

Eileen Davidson: “Yes.”

Kathryn Edwards: “Yes.”

Erika Girardi: “Yes.”

Ken Todd: “Yes, I don’t have a problem with him this season.”

First caller asks why Yolanda believes Lisa Rinna about who started the Munchausen controversy. “I think they’re both to blame, I don’t think it was one of the two.” She says they were both part of the conversation and then says Erika is probably better to answer that question because she was more a part of it than Yolanda. Erika chimes in and says how she understood it is that Lisa Rinna was encouraged by Lisa Vanderpump to bring it up.

The next caller asks what Yolanda has in the vault about Kyle. “They’re just experiences that we have together as women and I just feel very strongly that there are certain things that you just do not speak about on national TV and I never shared those and obviously I won’t share them with you either because that would defeat the purpose. I just think as women you hold certain things in your heart and you never expose those things.”

Why do they think Kyle is so loyal to Lisa Vanderpump? “I think Kyle growing up as the middle child I think she’s used to dealing with a lot of stuff and I think for business they are the two stars of the show that started the show and they wanna keep it going. And they have a certain loyalty to each other and I think they stick to that.” Note: Kyle Tweeted during the show to say that she is NOT the middle child. 😉

A viewer asks why Erika was judgemental of LVP right from the start and didn’t give her a chance? “I gave her a chance, but I know what I felt and I know what I saw.”

Does Yolanda think that Kathryn is drinking the Vanderpump Kool-Aid as Erika proclaimed tonight? “They seem to be very close and we’ve seen this consistently every season of Lisa bringing in somebody very close so maybe, yes. I mean, I haven’t spent much time with both of them because I wasn’t part of most of the shooting this season.” Erika shares her two cents, “I know they’re very close and I saw that friendship develop.”

A viewer asks at what point during the season’s filming did Yolanda know her marriage was ending? “I didn’t know until November 15th and we had already wrapped shooting and the show was done.” Is she in touch with David now? “Yeah, we are in touch a little bit here and there, yeah.”

The next caller for Yolanda (they’re basically all for Yolanda) asks if Mohamed is the reason that Lisa Vanderpump dislikes her. “I don’t think she dislikes me, I just think that we never had an intimate friendship like girlfriends should have and I think the reason is that her friendship and loyalty was with Mohamed. So our friendship has always been very superficial but I don’t think she hates me.”

Andy says he got the feeling from LVP that she and Yolanda were truly friends. Yolanda says “It was a Hollywood friendship.” Andy mentions that Lisa’s friendship with Mohamed has suffered because of the show. Yolanda says “they haven’t spoken for eight months, since she made the statement that Mohamed said the children aren’t sick. He hasn’t spoken to her since.”

A fan asks Yolanda and Erika why Lisa Vanderpump is “allergic” to apologizing. Yolanda says she thinks it’s just part of her personality. She thinks if it was easier for Lisa to do, she would do it.

Yolanda says she did sign a prenup and Andy asks if she regrets the deal she made back then. She says not at all because she married for love, not money.

The poll question tonight: Who was the biggest shit stirrer this season. Lisa Rinna won with 51% of the votes.


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