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Luann de Lesseps is not holding back on her opinion about Bethenny Frankel. As Luann herself explains she and Bethenny have always had “their share of fights” and this season of Real Housewives Of New York will be no exception.

Bethenny and I … We have our ups and downs,” admits Luann, who says they’re still friendly. “What I like about Bethenny is that, she lays it all out on the table, whether it’s true or not.”

“Whether I agree with her or not, at least it’s out there. It’s not, for the most part, behind your back,” Luann concedes. 


Yes, true or not, being the operative words. According to Luann, when their argument over Luann cheating erupted (Luann also calls out Bethenny for dating a married man according to the tabloids, an allegation Bethenny has denied), she was actually already in a relationship with her fiancé Tom D’Agostino

“I didn’t tell the ladies I was dating Tom, because I didn’t want them to know, exactly. I was keeping it private until I saw where it was going,” Luann explains, “and it went places very, very fast.” Bethenny has stated publicly that she doesn’t agree with Luann and Tom’s relationship, and plans to skip the wedding – if she’s even invited. That’s kind. 

Luann is accepting of Bethenny’s forthright approach. “With me, she’s very upfront, and I give it right back to her.” 

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“I think a lot of women cower around Bethenny because they’re, like, scared of her. I never have been … ” Luann tells ET. “I mean, when Bethenny started the show, she had no money, no husband, no children, and I had it all. She strived to get it all, and she got there. I’m proud of her for that.” Well, that’s a backhanded compliment if I’ve ever heard one. And so quintessentially Luann (which is what I love about Luann!). 

Luann also continues to have lingering issues with Bethenny’s butt-buddy Carole Radziwill. “I apologized, she doesn’t want to accept it, and that’s not my problem,” Luann shrugs. “I don’t live in the past. I’m not somebody who dwells on things or carries grudges or hold things against people. Carole obviously likes to live in the past.”

“You’re going to see Carole and I work on our relationship,” Luann says. “It does get better.” Maybe Luann feels that way, but I doubt Carole does.

Moving on, Ramona Singer is still reeling from her fight with Dorinda Medley. Tweeting while the episode aired Ramona, again, sincerely apologized. Well look at that, once Ro-Ro-Pinot got the hang of this whole apology shtick, she realized she kind of liked it. Green Eggs & Ham, anyone? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.19.21 PM

“I love you @ramonasinger. I love you a lot. We’re friends & we’ll be friends through the good, the bad, and the ugly,” Dorinda tweeted back. 

Well it’s nice to see one friendship sincerely repaired. Take note, Carole


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