Lisa Vanderpump & Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is finding himself in some Real Housewives shoes after being forced to answer to the viewers over how Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills became “The Munchausen Show,” which was blamed on Lisa Vanderpump

On twitter many frustrated viewers challenged Andy for allowing Brandi Glanville to make a pre-recorded video message bashing the ladies and for what they saw as him “attacking” LVP while allowing others (Yolanda) to get a pass. Andy also denies that the incessant focus on Yolanda Foster‘s ‘journey’ caused ratings to decline.  

Andy insists, that despite it all, his relationship to Lisa is fine. And he was in no way attacking one of his most profitable popular Housewives!


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“I treated everyone the same,” Andy continued. “And Brandi gave her two cents because the women talked about her a lot this season.” He vindicated his decision by pointing out that Kim Richards was also given an opportunity to explain herself and that they tried to have Faye Resnick appear, but she refused. (Someone on twitter joked that since OJ Simpson was also such a storyline he should have been invited. HAHA!) 


“Sorry to disappoint. Felt good about it. Everybody had their say,” Andy added in response to the criticism that LVP was treated unfairly. “I attacked no one actually,” he continued. “I think we watched different shows.” 

I personally think it’s refreshing that LVP knows how to play the game – and she knows it’s just that: a game. Sometimes she gets hurt in the process, although I do find it intriguing that on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills friends turn on each other the fastest – even pre-Housewives friends. Yesterday, LVP lashed out at Andy, suggesting that she should have told him to “shove it” for allowing her to be thrown to the wolves all season long by a bunch of bitches. 

Lisa herself responded, tweeting, “@Andy Yes it felt worse…Never experienced anything like it in my life.” 

In response to all the negative feedback, Andy claims he understands. “XOOX people vent on Twitter it’s ok” He also clarified that he finds all the demands to fire certain cast members and dealing with the onslaught of social media reactions “exhausting.” 

Unfortunately, some people took their fandom super far, and it got downright heated with people calling for Andy to be fired – and for once Andy actually retaliated. I think it goes without saying that Andy denied his job is jeopardy over Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills! Ha!

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“Then why do you follow me asshole,” Andy snapped at one particularly venomous “Vanderpinky” viewer. 

Actually, Andy‘s ultimate defense was his claim that season 6 boasted the second highest ratings ever for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Evolution Media, which produces the series, boasted of the success following part 3 of the reunion. 

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And with season 6 behind them, one person most certainly is ready to leave the past behind. That would be Lisa Rinna, naturally. 

“It’s time 2 move on,” Lisa tweeted. “What’s done is done and cannot be undone, so don’t waste time on regrets. It’s what you do next that counts. Horoscope”


Whether you agree that LVP is a manipulative wench with zero feelings, or a woman constantly persecuted, or you’re like me and basically love how she represents the glitz, glamour, and fabulosity I want to see on RHOBH while appreciating her wit, this season has most certainly become all about LVP. So I guess it’s safe to say her job also isn’t in jeopardy. Personally my only concern about RHOBH is that Yolanda will be back as a full-time Housewife. The other women I can tolerate, but I’d like to see The Manipumunchie leave, and have someone new and fabulous in her place.


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