Kandi Burruss Turns 40 – Photos

Kandi Burruss celebrated her 40th birthday with a party full of her besties this week. Unfortunately, Kandi’s birthday week also fell in the middle of some other momentous occasions – 1: The birthday of Ayden Nida; 2: the Bravo Upfronts, which meant several of Kandi’s fellow Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars were unable to attend. 

Kandi didn’t seem to mind sharing her birthday. She was happy to celebrate with her ride or dies who threw her a surprise birthday dinner and accept the copious social media shout-outs she got from friends and frienemies alike.

Kandi’s consolation prize also included Sheree Whitfield in attendance at her party – and a little bit of She By SheBroke makes everything better, right?! (I seriously LOVE Sheree!). 


This weekend, Kandi will wrap up her celebration with a  birthday getaway – let’s see who turns up of the turn up! Fun Fact: Kim Fields also celebrated a birthday this week! 

“Today is a wonderful start to an amazing year! I’m still partying & I will be partying all week but I just wanted to say thank you to every person that sent happy bday messages thru text, calls, post on social media. Thank you to everyone that sent flowers, cards, & gifts. Thank you to everyone who sent video messages for my bday video,” Kandi gushed. “Thanks to everyone who came to my bday dinner at my mom’s house & everyone who came to the surprise dinner after & everybody who’s coming on our bday trip this weekend. I love y’all & I’m embracing 40 to the fullest! I just turned 20 for a second time & I’m gonna make this next year my best year yet! Thanks @carmoncambrice for coordinating the surprise dinner!”

Kandi definitely makes 40 look good – better than ever, in fact. Photos of her birthday are below.



[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]