Erika Girardi

Erika Girardi Gives Us An Erika Jayne Vocabulary Lesson; Talks Fashion And Future On RHOBH

Whether she’s puss patting Erika Jayne, or Tom patting Erika Girardi, she’s a push the envelope type of girl who truly gives no f–ks and embraces “c-nty” as both a lifestyle and an attitude. That encompasses Erika’s love of fashion, her on-stage persona, her music, and her presence on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika explains once and for all what c-nty means: “Confident. Sexy. Take no prisoners. Powerful. Beautiful. Woman.” 

Apparently, Erika’s c-nty RHOBH persona has inspired other women to come out of their shells – as evidenced by the changing audiences at Erika Jayne shows. Did Yolanda Foster finally see one?!


“There are young women and middle-aged women coming to my shows, and they’re coming up to me at the meet-and-greet afterward and they’re saying things like, ‘Thank you so much for being yourself and being on stage and inspiring others,'” describes Erika. “Which I would have never thought possible, honestly. So, that has been, not only surprising, but very rewarding. It’s really nice to see that happen.” 

Erika trounced onto Bravo catsuits blazing. “It’s all based on your own wardrobe.” 

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And her on-screen style was was carefully cultivated with her Glam Squad. “I photographed everything that I wore, even if it’s jeans and t-shirts, just to make sure you don’t repeat,” Erika tells MTV. “That’s down to the accessories as well. That’s not because you can’t wear the same jeans twice, but you wouldn’t wear them the same way twice.” Too bad Lisa Vanderpump didn’t photograph everything Erika wore… 

“I like clothes. I like fashion. I enjoy playing with it. I like to describe my style as S&M chic with a little hood-rat appeal.” 

On the days when she’s not playing Erika Jayne, she promises her look is more low-key. “I mean, I look like shit. I look like shit and my hair’s down and I have not an inch of makeup on. When I’m not working, I’m not working. I do not want to walk around in costume all day long.”

“I mean, I know that sounds corny, but you can be a lot of different people,” Erika elaborates. “I enjoy playing with clothes. And the fashion of the other housewives? I mean, hey, that’s their thing. I just like to push it a little.” 

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Oh, and Erika isn’t sharing whether or not she’ll be returning to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills next season and insists she “really can’t” say. I’m sure she’s waiting for Yolanda to give her the OK… HA! 

“Who knows what happens with Housewives? I will say this, what a great opportunity to have been on the show, and the doors that it’s opened for me, and I have nothing but great things to say about the show,” says Erika. “I just kind of feel like I’ll always be creating as Erika Jayne, and right now I just feel like the sky’s the limit.” 


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