Kathryn Edwards

In her final blog of the season, newbie Kathryn Edwards continued to defend Lisa Vanderpump and shared her overall thoughts on her first season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kathryn found the reactions to Lisa‘s emotion to be odd, “When Lisa V shared her story about being abused by a former boyfriend years ago, she teared up and became vulnerable. It felt like a cathartic moment, and it seemed as if some of the other women didn’t think she had these types of emotions. That was strange to me for several reasons and strengthened my feelings that it is more of a cultural thing.”


“I’ve had conversations with Lisa V on several occasions where she has been very open and vulnerable and it may be assumptive to say, but I think I get her,” said Kathryn. “I understand her English demeanor whereas there’s a stoic side that keeps those feelings to a private few.”

As for Lisa Vanderpump vs. Eileen Davidson, Kathryn remained neutral, “When Eileen said that she feels as though she turned into the bitch and that she never wanted to be that, I believe her. I don’t think Eileen ever wanted to start a war with Lisa V but attempt, after attempt to get an apology and then the lack of the apology morphed into a much greater offense…it just felt like a stern browbeating. The “affair” word in the Hamptons can easily be misconstrued by both sides, and for that reason, I do believe that it was lost in translation.”

I agree that I don’t think Eileen made a conscious decision to be a raging bitch all season…because I think it just comes naturally for her. 😉

Kathryn admitted that she regrets how she handled the “sniper” and “web” comments Erika Girardi made about Lisa, but like Apology Gate, she feels it was blown way out of proportion.

“I will take full blame for my bad judgement and actions as to the way I handled the situation,” she shared. “It was a poor choice made on my part, and I own it. I wish I would have made other choices, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20, and ultimately I paid a dear price for what felt like a misdemeanor that turned into a felony. I won’t ever make that mistake again.”

Kathryn added that she wishes she would’ve shut down the conversation with Erika, but she froze, because Erika’s shadiness caught her off guard. While she admitted she could have handled the situation better, one thing Kathryn is adamant about is, “I never went to Lisa V‘s house with ‘intent.’ I’m not that girl.”


“I prefer to say what I think to someone’s face, not behind their back,” she wrote in her blog. “I don’t think there is anything that can’t be talked out and resolved, even if the final decision isn’t agreeable to both parties, at least we know where we stand and it’s all on the table. There were other things Erika said that I didn’t repeat but were seen in the episode. Those are the things that hurt Lisa V‘s feelings, not the web comment.”

Kathryn pointed out that Lisa never demanded 32 million apologies (take note, Eileen) from Erika, “It’s funny … Lisa V never gave Erika a hard time about it, but it sure morphed into a big deal for me. Lisa V was inquisitive as to why Erika felt the need to warn me, but there was not any payback or punishment towards Erika for the comment.”

Kathryn said she enjoyed getting to know Erika in Dubai, but Erika’s interview comments were hurtful, “I was hurt and disappointed by the way she talked about me in her interviews. Those were very harsh, hurtful words in my opinion and I would never say them about someone I have a friendship with. I know the timing of the interviews, and it begged the question as to when they were made in relationship to our making up.”

As for Munchausen, Kathryn is just as over it as we all are, “I’m not going to get into Muchausengate, that ship sailed for me a while ago, and I really hope it never comes back. We spent so much time talking about who said what to whom and who manipulated whom into saying things. It took up a lot of time that could have been better spent.”

“I came into the group mid-way through the season and tried to understand the dynamics on my own,” said Kathryn. “I was happy to navigate the waters alone, because I prefer to observe the way people act and react and come to my own conclusions. It’s an interesting group to say the least. There are a lot of egos and a lot of personalities. Success and money only magnifies who someone is.. we don’t all have to like each other, but respect is a necessity.”

Kathryn bemoaned how much time her RHOBH co-stars spent on trying to tear each other down, “When a group of smart, beautiful and motivated women come together, it is powerful. You can do much if you unite and have a common goal or you can tear each other down. Sadly, I think too much was spent on the latter, but as Scarlett O’Hara once said, ‘After all, tomorrow is another day.’ It is never too late to fix something and do it better the next time.”

Well, I, for one, enjoyed Kathryn on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I hope she returns next season. For what it’s worth, my “to go” list includes Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Erika Girardi, and Yolanda Foster Hadid, and my “stay away” list includes Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo