Meghan Edmonds Is Skeptical Of Vicki Gunvalson And Kelly Dodd’s Friendship; Questions How Genuine Vicki Is

There have only been two episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County’s eleventh season and I’m already so over Vicki Gunvalson and her extremely forced friendship with Kelly Dodd. It is so obvious that they both just want to hang out so they can get camera time since they have no other friends in the cast.

I don’t get how Meghan Edmonds is Kelly’s link to the group since Kelly immediately started sucking up to her nemesis from last season. This Kelly girl comes off as an attention-seeking shit stirrer. So I would love to know what Meghan thinks of letting her “friend” into the inner circle.


Just like the rest of us, Meghan sees right through the desperation of everything Vicki says and does. Meghan wrote all about it in her latest Bravo blog entry after Season 11’s second episode aired.

Meghan wrote, “I felt so bad that Heather tried to host a nice, fun party for everyone and she got forced in to a conversation and ‘apology’ from Vicki. Tamra [Judge] said it best, ‘What ARE you sorry for?’ The apologies seem forced and not genuine, don’t you think?” I definitely agree. It’s clear that Vicki just doesn’t like being the odd one out or being massively questioned or disliked – not that anyone would actually like any of that. Nevertheless, Vicki is just upset that the public opinion of her is so negative. If she really cared about her friends, she would have communicated way better with them last season.

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The thirst was just WAY too real when Kelly went out of her way to get Vicki‘s number to invite her to lunch to cheer her up – it’s a little much and just way too desperate. I hope she enjoyed her camera time – I mean, lunch. It seems like Meghan is picking up what I’m putting down since she wrote, “I thought that watching the lunch with Kelly and Vicki also seemed forced. It just didn’t seem like they had much chemistry at all, at least that’s the way I saw it.” Clearly these are two women who feel left outside so they clung to each other. There is no natural friendship there – just teaming up for reality TV fame and attention.


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