Jules Wainstein Hires Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Attorney; Michael Serves Divorce Papers

Jules Wainstein has officially been served divorce papers by her soon-to-be-ex-husband Michael. 

Jules and Michael reportedly split after she caught him cheating with a good friend – something she possibly confided to Bethenny Frankel during filming for Real Housewives Of New York (something Bethenny would possibly know something about, in fact…*side-eye*). Interestingly, Jules’ divorce seems to have a lot of similarities to Bethenny‘s (hey – Jules may be living on ‘Planet Bethenny‘ after all!).


Jules and Michael are already slamming each other in the press and getting the police involved in domestic squabbles, and it seems this divorce will be anything but amicable. Michael filed for a “contested” divorce, meaning there are certain terms the two parties cannot agree on (custody, division of assets, alimony, etc.). 

“This divorce is contentious and it’s going to be ongoing,” an insider confided to E! News. 

Hilariously, Jules seems to be planning ahead. She hired Bethenny’s divorce attorneys Aronson Mayefsky and Sloan, who, for whatever it’s worth, know a thing about contested divorces. And they just FINALLY wrapped up Bethenny’s divorce, so they should have a lot of time on their hands!

It appears they’ve learned a few lessons because Jules and Michael’s proceedings have been sealed (remember when an error left Bethenny’s custody hearing open to the public! Oops!). And, unfortunately, also like Bethenny once endured with Jason, Jules and Michael are currently sharing the same apartment while they fight it out over the specifics of a legal separation.

The Daily Mail reports that the Wainsteins will meet in court on September 8 so a judge can hear motions from both sides to decide temporary spousal support. Jules is requesting monthly support from Michael for the duration of the divorce.

Michael has reportedly been engaging in an affair since at least January, but Jules began suspecting while filming for RHONY. Bethenny recently dished that she’d heard Jules and Michael were having issues long before Jules signed on to be a Housewife.

Well, it appears Jules has a storyline for next season – that is, if she’s asked to return! But what better than a contentious divorce and a Housewife willing to air all the dirty laundry? Just so long as she doesn’t have to wash it, right!?


[Photo Credit: Instagram]