Jacqueline Laurita, Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania

Jacqueline Laurita, Dolores Catania, & Siggy Flicker Open Up About RHONJ & Teresa Giudice’s Return

All feels right in the world now that Real Housewives of New Jersey is back on TV. The queen (Teresa Giudice) is  back and the rest of the cast is pretty on point as well. The nice thing about New Jersey is that these ladies actually have history and ties outside of being cast on the same reality TV show. It is the only show in the franchise where the casting doesn’t seem forced

With that said, the beef and friendships really run deep in this group. So I really live for it when the ladies speak out about the show and each other. Jacqueline Laurita and the new girls Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker all came together for an interview – and yes they talked about Teresa, obviously.


From what I’ve seen so far, the interviews to promote RHONJ have been split into two groups: Teresa and Melissa Gorga and then Jacqueline, Siggy, and Dolores. Obviously, Teresa and Melissa hate Jacqueline, but it seems like the new girls are actually cool with everyone so it should be interesting to see how that plays out.

Most recently, Jacqueline, Dolores, and Siggy teamed up for an interview with NEWYOU. In a not-at-all-shocking turn of events, the interview opened up with a question about Teresa. After all, RHONJ is just the Teresa show with some minor side stories. So much for getting to know the new girls and catching up with Jacqueline after her RHONJ hiatus.

The women were asked if Teresa has changed since her release from prison. Siggy didn’t know Teresa until she started filming, so she didn’t answer, but Dolores and Jacqueline had some interesting replies. Dolores said, “No, she has not changed.  What can I say is, and I speak for myself, she and I have this Italian temper, not so much temper, more like passion so inherently, the core of who you are will not change.” I guess Teresa’s BFF didn’t get the memo about her pushing this renewed Teresa persona whenever possible.

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Dolores also mused, “Has she become calmer? Yes. It was a very tumultuous time for them in their relationship. There was a lot of pressure for both of them and relationships are hard enough without the pressure of the world on your shoulders. One’s away, one’s coming home, there’s four girls, bills, bankruptcy, attorney fees – it’s enough to make anybody snap. It’s a testament to how strong they are that they stay together through it.” Solid backtracking with that one.

Jac was super shady with her response (of course): “I think people can make some changes but the core base of someone, I feel, is always there. I think it is possible to make changes if you are sincere about making those changes and it’s not just for show.” So I guess that’s her way of trying to seem wise while alluding that Teresa’s changes are just for RHONJ. Classic Jacqueline – always trying to get a dig in at Teresa.

I do have to agree with Jacqueline about one thing that she said though. When asked to pinpoint the overriding success of the show, Jacqueline said, “It’s a very authentic cast, especially this season where everyone is so organically connected.” This is so true, especially in comparison to other shows in the franchise – like RHOC – where the women would have no relationships if they weren’t on the show.


Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images