Tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live was brought to you by the letter A for Awkward and the letter B for Bitchy.  I’ll let you decide why.  Joining Andy tonight is Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Kelly Dodd and Flipping Out‘s Jenni Pulos.

Andy points out that he saw Gage’s assistant Matt in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Is he now Kris Jenner‘s assistant? Jenni confirms, “You heard it here first. Matt no longer works for Jeff Lewis. Stay tuned, see how it unfolds in season 9.” Andy says “another one bites the dust. How many freaking people has Jeff fired?” Jenni says, “it’s a bit of a revolving door but there are some people that stick around.”

Andy shows Kelly a series of pics of RHOC stars and asks for her first reaction.

Shannon Beador: distant

Vicki Gunvalson: rad

Tamra Judge: fun

Heather Dubrow: polished

Meghan King Edmonds: beautiful

Why did Kelly seem on edge going into the 70s party – was there something Kelly felt was off with Shannon or their relationship? “I don’t think I was going into it having any agenda. I was there having fun, ready to have a good time. I was obviously drinking before and was drinking there.”

Why is Kelly so convinced that Shannon set her up? “Because I knew Jaci before and she told me that she knew Shannon. I should’ve said it right then and there but I didn’t.” Andy says that just because they knew each other doesn’t mean that Shannon sent her there to say nasty things about her. Kelly agrees to a point, but “if she was in there talking – the three of them were on the couch together and she was trying to offer out the gossip, the vicious lies about me.” Jenni interjects and says “you brought the resort thing up first.” Kelly says “but I could’ve gone there with girlfriends. She’s the one that was rude and said ‘you weren’t with him’, it was very disrespectful what she said to my husband. I brought up the resort thing because I saw her there, the last time I saw Jaci was at the resort.”

Jenni shares, “I’ve just known Shannon a long time and I don’t think she set you up. That’s my two cents.”

A viewer says that it seemed like Kelly had resentment towards Shannon from the minute she met her on the yacht, why? “Because she was very rude to me coming off the yacht and I was trying to talk to her, have a conversation and she just wouldn’t have it.”

Does Kelly regret any of her behavior at the 70s party? “Of course. I don’t want to act crass and uncouth. I didn’t mean to say that she was ugly. The other stuff I meant.”

Andy asks Jenni if she was at the event where Jeff Lewis and Heather Dubrow decided they didn’t care for one another. “Yes, I was there. You know Jeff Lewis, he likes making jokes. They were very funny. He didn’t like some of the things that went down, he called it out and there ensued a fight. But they were jokes, we were all having a good time and I think Heather took it very differently.”

Why Kelly joined the show: “I talked to Meghan and she said it was fun to do it. It’s a great experience, that’s why.”

Jenni asks Kelly to clarify something – “you apologized, you said you were sorry but then you weren’t sorry.”  Kelly says “I apologized. Listen, we were both in the wrong and I went there to apologize – not just for my behavior but I wanted to move on and have her apologize too. We were both in the wrong. And I just wanted her to apologize and move on.”  Jenni retorts, “But have you moved on? It doesn’t seem like it.” Kelly says, “I’ve moved on.”

After the last break Andy mentions that it feels like the two of them aren’t getting along. Kelly plays dumb and says they’re fine. Jenni pipes in, “We’re fine. I’ll admit I’ve been unhappy with some of your behavior, I’m not gonna lie. My ex cheated on me, so that comment was one step too far. I’m just throwing it out there.”  Kelly says that Shannon also took things a step too far but admits that her behavior was wrong, too.

Poll Question: Did Shannon set Kelly up? 63% said no.

After Show:

Is it hard to be friends with Meghan and Vicki? Kelly says no and that Meghan and Vicki are okay now and moved on.

Jeff’s baby is due October 18th and Jenni says that Jeff and Gage are terrified. She is sure it’s going to change Jeff’s life by getting him to surrender that control side of him.


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