Kelly Dodd On Why She Thinks Shannon Beador Set Her Up; Vows To Bring Proof To The RHOC Reunion

No matter how you feel about Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd, you have to admit that the drama at the ’70s party seems very suspicious. I’m not saying that Shannon threw a themed event with the sole intention of exposing Kelly, but I find it very hard to believe Shannon had “no idea” her ratchet friends knew Kelly. Please. Shannon has hated Kelly from the start, so I’m sure she was complaining about her to someone and figured out those two annoying women hated Kelly as well. 

I don’t think the whole situation was elaborately planned to discredit Kelly, but at the very least, it definitely seems like Shannon encouraged the gossip and shit stirring. And in a #TotalHousewifeMove, Kelly is determined to prove that.


I’m already tired of this story line about the party, so I’m hoping the ladies move on ASAP, but Kelly and Shannon went out to lunch to discuss the situation so it makes sense that Kelly addressed it again in her Bravo blog.

Kelly pointed out that pretty much every other cast member sees where she’s coming from about the “set up” theory. Kelly wrote, “If you are keeping score, Tamra [Judge], Vicki [Gunvalson], and Meghan [Edmonds] have all concluded and stated that Shannon conspired to set me up by giving Jaci and Nina a forum to spread hateful lies and gossip.”

That’s really not what the other ladies said, but they all agreed that the whole thing was suspicious. It’s very obvious that Shannon knew that Jaci and Nina knew Kelly

Kelly makes it clear that she watched that episode multiple times when she wrote, “Why am I so confident that Shannon conspired with these women to set me up? Remember when Michael [Dodd] and I were sitting on our couch discussing the party and I said, ‘She (Jaci) reached out to me?’ Well, I have proof that Jaci reached out to me before the ’70s party and that Shannon absolutely knew Jaci and I knew each other. I can prove this to Andy [Cohen] and everyone at the reunion. Please stay tuned for the proof of the truth!”

YES. I LOVE it when the women show up to the reunions with receipts. I really hope she does this and that her evidence isn’t lame and anticlimactic. 

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Kelly clarified what she meant about Shannon setting up the party to call her out when she wrote, “When Shannon says I wouldn’t have a party just to set you up, I am sure that is true. Of course that isn’t why she threw the party. However, it obviously was not below her to incite some drama by creating a sub-plot to sabotage my reputation.” Plus I didn’t see Shannon try to stop her friends from going in on Kelly…

In regard to that extremely awkward lunch, Kelly wrote, “You have to be a very accomplished and confident liar to challenge me to look you in the eyes as you continue to tell your lies. This is exactly what Shannon did to me at our lunch and as I said, Shannon is absolutely a liar.”

So it’s obvious that Kelly doesn’t like Shannon. At. All. My guess is that this discord doesn’t get resolved at any point this Real Housewives of Orange County season.

Kelly came through with even more evidence: “One final proof point, when Shannon pops out from behind the curtain as we are leaving the ’70s party, she somehow, by osmosis maybe, spews a bunch of gossip has about me. Yeah right, you weren’t scheming with those women before the party!”

That’s actually a valid point – where did Shannon hear these rumors about Kelly? She made it very clear that Kelly was a topic of conversation – probably many conversations. 


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo