Joanna Krupa Seeks Punitive Damages From Brandi Glanville After Depositions Prove She Never Broke Up Yolanda Foster’s Marriage To Mohamed Hadid!

Brandi Glanville believes hugs could end her lawsuit with Joanna Krupa, but Joanna is actually upping the ante after depositions eviscerated Brandi’s claims that Joanna had an affair with Mohamed Hadid!

Joanna sued the former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star for slander and defamation after Brandi made multiple comments accusing Joanna of having a smelly crotch, which Brandi says she was told by Mohamed. Brandi also alleges that Mohamed and the one-time Real Housewives Of Miami star had a an affair, which is why his marriage to Yolanda Foster Hadid ended.


Lisa Vanderpump, Mohamed, and Yolanda were deposed to provide veracity to Brandi’s statements, and therefore prove they aren’t slanderous. Brandi wants Joanna’s suit against her dismissed. Unfortunately for Brandi, all three told the court that Joanna and Mohamed never had an affair! Mohamed replied “absolutely not!” when asked if an affair with Joanna ended his marriage to Yolanda. 

Mohamed also said he never told Brandi of an alleged affair nor, discussed Joanna’s nether regions with her either. Statements corroborated by Lisa, who also noted that Brandi has a reputation of making “false and malicious statements” publicly.

“I don’t give anything Brandi Glanville says any credence or credibility,” said Lisa in deposition transcripts obtained by the Daily Mail. “She said so many things that were untrue.” (Lisa also attested that she doesn’t think Joanna should waste her time and money suing over Brandi’s inflammatory statements.)

Joanna’s suit claims Brandi’s comments damaged her reputation and her career. In response Brandi is seeking to prove that Joanna wasn’t a FL resident when she filed the suit, and also demanding income and tax documents to verify her income suffered as a result. Brandi’s motions insist Joanna’s suit is personal in nature, and was filed with the intent of using Brandi to remain relevant in an attempt to be cast on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Brandi also has accused Lisa of spitefully lying in her deposition (Brandi says Lisa was present when Mohamed made the comments about Joanna’s vagina). She requested Joanna turn over any and all communications she’s had with Mohamed and Lisa, to see if they conspired together. Joanna has thus far refused to release documentations and a judge has not demanded them. 

Following the depositions, on August 18th, Joanna filed motions to amend her suit to include punitive damages from Brandi due to libel. If Joanna’s motion to amend is granted, a jury could award her up to $2 million in punitive damages! As you know, Brandi is a single mother who can barely afford groceries – so this oughtta teach her not to put her mouth where her money ain’t. 


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