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Jacqueline Laurita is disappointed that “history repeats itself” on Real Housewives Of New Jersey and came to regale us on the trip to Vermont. Jacqueline, of course, blames Teresa Giudice for pretending she wanted to be friends again, but inviting Robyn, “her soldier” to do her dirty work.

Jacqueline also blames Melissa Gorga for covertly trying to destroy Jacqueline and Teresa’s re-friendship because she’s “ENVY-OUS.”

“I’ve learned that Teresa has selective memory where she only remembers what she feels people have done to her,” Jacqueline explains. “She conveniently forgets what she has done to others.”


“She also has a very hard time taking accountability for anything or genuinely forgiving anyone,” Jacqueline’s diagnosis continues. “She changes the reality in her head and starts to believe her own twisted faux reality. I wish she would acknowledge this and talk to someone about it. It’s very frustrating.” I wish Jacqueline could take her own advice. Cause um… all of that above applies to her as well!

After breaking down Teresa, Jacqueline breaks down the episode in her blog.

On Teresa’s issues with Rosie and Kathy Wakile, where all the trouble started… 

Teresa is a hypocrite when it comes to speaking about getting involved in family drama! I remember when Teresa was all involved in MY family business! How easily she forgets,” accuses Jacqueline. “I’m sure Caroline remembers.” When was this? When Teresa was friends with Dina Manzo but absolutely NEVER mentioned Caroline and Jacqueline’s issues with her on Real Housewives of New Jersey? I gotta defend Teresa here!

Jacqueline, however, is allowed to be in Teresa’s family issues because “Teresa knows that I am good friends with her cousins, thanks to her, and that we are all part of the same group.”

Unlike Melissa, the rest of us in our group were invested in their relationship because we care!” insists Jacqueline.  “I don’t like leaving people out, especially if it was family and their relationship could be mended.”

And Jacqueline calling Kathy and Rosie for the post-mortem after lunch with Teresa, wasn’t Jacqueline being involved in Teresa’s family, it was just Jacqueline being a good friend – which is totally acceptable. “Friends always call each other to talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives. We were all concerned for the group.”

Melissa called me afterwards to see what happened too,” adds Jacqueline. “Melissa was always calling me to ask for scoop, but not because she cared, obviously — it was because she was nosy. There’s a difference.”

On Kim D, and her relationships with Melissa and Teresa. 

“The truth is, when Melissa heard Kim was in the picture, she got mad at me for it and blamed me. Don’t shoot the messenger. I wasn’t the one bringing Kim D around, and Melissa knows that. Kim has always been around.”

“Regarding Derek, if Melissa doesn’t want to even look at the proof Kim D had on him then that’s on her,” snipes Jacqueline. “If I were her, I would want to know the truth…that is unless…she already knew.”

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Jaqueline reminds us Teresa “stayed friends with Kim D. long after Strippergate.” Kim even visited Teresa at Teresa’s house before Jacqueline and Siggy Flicker went to Posche – and Jacqueline maintains that both Melissa and Teresa have continued shopping at Posche until Envy opened.

Jealousy is NOT in Jacqueline’s “DNA” – but she can’t believe Melissa & Teresa were talking behind her back!

After insisting talking about each other and each other’s issues is “just what friends do – especially in this group,” Jacqueline was “surprised” to see Melissa and Teresa discussing her behind her back.

“I thought things were going well between us at that time. I’m confused as to who got in Teresa’s ear to have her say the things she said,” insinuates Jacqueline. “On the spa trip, Melissa was just saying how jealous she was that Teresa and I were able to rekindle our friendship so easily and she never could. Fast forward to a week or so later and they are talking about how hard it is for Teresa and I and how easy it is for them. Something is not adding up.”

Jacqueline believes Melissa feels threatened by Jacqueline’s new closeness with Teresa. Are people seriously fighting over Teresa now… Seriously? Like a custody battle for the much maligned Madame Giudice. Just no…

“It is ridiculous!” complains Jacqueline. “Melissa needs to stop being so ENVY-OUS.”

On Robyn, “Rage Girl” Being Teresa’s soldier:

Dubbing Robyn “Rage Girl,” Jacqueline believes Robyn came to cause trouble. After a drama-free spa trip, Jacqueline indicates that Vermont exploded because they had “an outsider there stirring things up.”

“Whose idea was that?” she posits.

“Nobody on that trip really cared for her,” asserts Jacqueline, because Robyn is “so obnoxious and attention seeking” and constantly starting fights.

So why was Robyn invited? The answer, according to Jacqueline: “Obviously to set me up and be Teresa’s voice so she could keep her new zen persona.”

“Not all of Teresa’s friends are soldiers but I do recognize a soldier when I see them. History repeats itself If Rage girl thought I was so close with Teresa and knew we were working on repairing our friendship, why did she feel so comfortable coming after me like that and then calling Teresa into our fight to back her up?” asks Jacqueline. “It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out.” Or a relationship expert?

‘It’s me, not you…’ – on why Jacqueline skipped dog-sledding. 

“I’m not sure why Teresa and Melissa were insinuating I was upset and getting worked up after my fight with their soldier, I mean their ‘friend,’ when I didn’t join them for dogsledding. I wasn’t. It also just didn’t seem enjoyable to either of us to spend the day with someone so desperate for camera time and attention, especially when she threatened to ‘rage on my ass’, ‘f— me up’ and ‘punch me in the face.'”

“It’s not that I felt threatened by [Robyn] even though I was verbally threatened by her, it was more because I know she has a history of fighting people, and I’m not one to back down,” continues Jacqueline. “I couldn’t help mocking her that night because I felt like she was acting so ridiculous and desperate. It made me laugh. Together we were a recipe for a disaster, and I was trying to avoid that again for the sake of Teresa.”

So Jacqueline deciding to leave Vermont early had nothing to do with Robyn either? She doesn’t say, but Jacqueline warns us that tonight’s episode is the “‘AHA’ moment” where she recognized the “huge disappointment in my so called friends.”

Siggy and Dolores try to play neutral. They console Jacqueline as she realizes Teresa is not her friend, but from Melissa and Teresa hear a different perspective which blames Jacqueline for picking fights then playing victim.

Over dinner Jacqueline loses her patience with Melissa and Teresa and the accusations, name-calling, and insults fly, permanently severing her friendships. In the aftermath Siggy and Dolores can’t believe what happened and reach their breaking point. When everyone finally returns to Jersey, they realize their relationships are irrevocably changed.

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