Kelly Dodd Explains Why She And Michael Were Drunk And At Odds At Book Launch; “Nasty” And “Maximum” Drama In Ireland

Kelly Dodd‘s world is riddled with fights – at candle stores, at book launches, before Costco, after Costco…even all the way in Ireland – and she breaks them all down in her Real Housewives of Orange County blog.

Kelly gushes over Jim and Meghan Edmonds‘ new candle store, shares that there was an open bar (priorities!) at the launch party, and reminds us that she knows the secret Vicki Gunvalson claims to know about Shannon Beador.


As with most Real Housewives parties, drama ensued. “It seems Vicki was not too happy about getting an obligatory voicemail from Shannon in response to being life-flighted as a result of the dune buggy accident. Vicki was still upset and was not letting Shannon off the hook. Things deteriorated to each of them calling the other a liar. Vicki escalated the situation when she threatened to reveal the secret Shannon had confided in her. Although, by now, it isn’t much of a secret because Vicki had already told me. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how bringing up Shannon’s secret makes things spiral out of control.”

Kelly says equally nice things about Terry and Heather Dubrow‘s book party, then loses all credibility when she chimes in on the Brooks Ayers drama from last season. “It was brave of Vicki to introduce her new boyfriend, Steve, to this crazy group of ladies – especially considering how they undermined her relationship with Brooks (based upon what Vicki has told me). Steve is a great guy. Quiet, confident, solid. Michael and Steve get along great. We have gotten to know him quite well since then and he seems to make Vicki very happy.”

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Speaking of her husband, Kelly goes on to explain why she and Michael were not getting along at the book launch. (As if this was a shocking turn of events?)

The short version – Kelly and Michael, already at odds because of an earlier fight, went to Costco. Once there, they realized they forgot their membership cards. While Michael went to get a temporary pass, Kelly went to get drinks and hot dogs. “I told Michael to stay put by the entrance until I got back,” says Kelly.

Spoiler Alert: Michael didn’t listen!

“Since I was already upset with him, my patience wore thin. I called him and texted him, but he didn’t answer. By this time, I am fuming. When I texted him I was leaving, he finally called me back. I had had enough. I blew off the shopping and took off in the car and headed home. I left his ass at the store.”

Michael called an Uber to get home, where he refused to speak to Kelly and insisted he was not going to Heather‘s party. “He went of course, but he wasn’t happy about it. It showed all over his face. I shouldn’t have criticized him to my friends while at the party, but by now you know I am impulsive and have no filter. It’s a good thing Michael gets me and is patient with me. I know I’m not the easiest person to live with.”

Kelly concludes, “In any long-term marriage, like ours, sometimes you argue, you drink too much because you argue, you embarrass each other, and if you work at it, you make up and move on. Our arguments just happen to be seen by everyone.”

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Kelly adds that last week’s episode was just the “wind up” of the drama.

Tonight, the Real Housewives of Orange County head to Ireland, where an “over indulgence of spirits” leads to an explosive confrontation between Kelly and Tamra. The argument pushes Tamra “over the edge” and leaves Kelly “on the outs,” reveals Bravo.

Kelly shares, “As you saw from the preview of our trip to Ireland, while it was at times fun, things get nasty. Nasty! I hope you stay tuned for maximum drama.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo