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Melissa Gorga has had enough of Jacqueline Laurita‘s crazy drama, and she’s done giving her chances to do the wrong thing. Now that Melissa and Teresa Giudice aren’t giving Jacqueline any energy, Melissa wasn’t at all shocked to see her find a new target in Dolores Catania.

Melissa decided to avoid Jacqueline’s namast’ay messy on this week’s Real Housewives Of New Jersey. She actually almost skipped Dolores‘ re-done house party because she had “no desire” to deal with anymore of her “passive aggressive” drama. Thank goodness for laryngitis!


With Jacqueline rendered speechless – literally – it was Joe Gorga‘s turn to take a ride on the Jacq Gone Wack mobile.

“I didn’t see any reason for them to be so cold to Joe,” says Melissa of the “awkward” reception Joe got saying hello to the Wakiles and the Lauritas. “That whole crew looked so bitter and was very rude to him.”

Melissa also chastises Chris for becoming “the conductor of Jacqueline’s runaway train” when he confronted Joe about the Vermont trip.

“Obviously, Chris is going to stand up for his wife, but as Joe said perfectly, what dinner was he at? I think that Joe was level-headed and put things into perspective. He was the bigger person in this situation. His intentions were to move forward and was trying to get Chris to do the same,” Melissa writes in her blog. “I’m not sure what Joe said actually sunk in, as Chris was obnoxiously being beckoned by his wife, who was outside beeping the horn in her passive-aggressive tee.”

On Jacqueline suddenly deciding that the friend who is friends with the enemy is her enemy and turning on Dolores, Melissa expected it. “Hearing Dolores describe how Jacqueline accused her of setting her up and then threatened to twist the whole situation made me realize that I’m not the only friend that Jacqueline is wrongly second guessing.”

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“I hate to say this, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that one of Jacqueline’s biggest defenders was on the receiving end of her paranoia,” Melissa notes. “As I told Siggy, no one gets a free pass with her!”

Luckily, Melissa had bigger things to think about, like the ENVY fashion show and supporting Teresa after Joe went “away.” She missed the ladies night at Dolores‘ gym because it was the night before the ENVY show and Melissa was preparing.

“It was hard to watch this episode and see how Teresa and the girls were adjusting without Joe,” Melissa adds. “It’s clearly a difficult transition, but they truly are a strong family.”

“I’m happy that Joe and I can be there for them, and it was so sweet to see that Milania feels like she can come to her Zio Joe if she needs anything.” My, my, what a difference two years and one prison sentence makes! First Melissanow Danielle… will Teresa be mending fences with Caroline Manzo next?!


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