Siggy Flicker Says She Didn’t Like Real Housewives Of New Jersey Before She Was On It & Weighs In On The Current Drama

Siggy Flicker‘s so against conflict and drama, yet she’s on Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’m confused. Having a heart of gold and wanting to be a peacemaker is all good in real life, but Siggy’s mission to solve all of the issues on this show is going to make it boring to watch.

Siggy had such potential when she first showed up on the scene immediately after a face lift while she drank lobster bisque through a straw, but she is trying to be a group therapist on a show with viewers who live for the fighting. It doesn’t line up for me. And not only that, but what is her story line? Aside from getting involved with other people’s lives, please tell me. Someone? Please.


Recently, Siggy opened up about how she felt about the show before she joined on Brandi Glanville’s podcast. She also weighed in on the triangle of drama between Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, and Melissa Gorga.

Siggy actually did say some interesting stuff during the podcast.

Possibly throwing shade at Teresa Giudice, Siggy said, “I came on to change it, but no I never watched the show before. I watched bits and pieces here and there. I wasn’t really a big fan of it because you live in Jersey and pay these taxes and you love your state. I never liked all that table flipping and all that. That’s not my cup of tea.”

Okay, well not paying taxes was obviously bad, but the table flipping was an iconic moment in reality television that pretty much everyone loved. I guess I’m reading into that by assuming Siggy is shading Teresa, but she is very clearly slamming the show that she’s on.

Siggy added, “I just didn’t like the way Jersey was being portrayed. It pissed me off.” Well, I didn’t like how boring this season has been….

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Then, she rambled on about how she’s so opinionated, yet neutral about everything, which really just doesn’t line up. Siggy said, “No one’s gonna make me go on their side. I’m loud, I’m opinionated, but they’re not going to get me to see their side because they’re not going to be able to sway me.”

It would have made for great TV if Siggy actually shared her thoughts about the arguments instead of talking about people getting heated because they care so much and blah blah blah.

Siggy did delve into the Jacqueline, Melissa, and Teresa drama little bit, though she also ended up back tracking on a lot of what she said, which is a shame because I was loving her actually sharing an opinion for once.

Siggy told Brandi, “I came onto the show as Jacqueline‘s friend. I didn’t know Teresa. Teresa was still away at camp. When you’re coming on the show as someone’s friend, I have a big heart, I wanted to protect Jacqueline and try to see her side even though I wasn’t around for stripper gate, I wasn’t around three years ago. It doesn’t matter whether I watched the show twenty thousand times or I never watched the show again, I’m not just going to come on the show and take Jacqueline’s opinion. It’s just not me.”

She revealed, “I said to everybody, ‘I’m not on Team Jacqueline. I’m not on Team Melissa. I’m not on Team Teresa. I’m on Team Siggy.’ This show showed me and Dolores [Catania] and what true friendship is all about. And that’s it.” Yeah, we got one or two good GIFs out of Siggy and Dolores dancing and laughing, but that added no plot lines to the show.

Siggy was super confusing with her flip flopping about Jacqueline’s outbursts this season.

After praising Jacqueline for being such a caring person, Siggy also said, “She’s a wonderful wife, she’s a wonderful mother, and she is a wonderful friend – but then I have to say, her war is not my war. And sometimes I feel like Jacqueline’s delivery is a little bit off base. You can’t go in and start screaming and shouting at people and expect them to just do what you have to do.”

Yeah, but it makes great TV and I was living for it, so whatever. This season would be trash if Jacqueline wasn’t fighting with Melissa and Teresa. That’s all we had other than the typically entertaining Giudice family time.

She emphasized that Jacqueline was disappointed in Melissa because she is jealous of her friendship with Teresa: “I know she’s disappointed in Melissa and I know she never trusted Teresa really wanting to be her friend again after she came home from camp. I understand that. I know that.”

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But after what I thought was total shade to Tre at the beginning of the interview about paying taxes and flipping tables, Siggy also said this, “Then, you’ve got Teresa’s thing. Teresa’s like ‘Whether you trust it or not, I’m just too busy trying to feed my girls and trying to take care of business to try and do a dance for you. I ain’t dancing for you Jacqueline.'” Which I think is the most realistic thing she said and that was a lot better than her just blindly asking everyone to love each other when she has zero idea about the clique’s history. I wish Siggy had showed this kind of sass on the show.

Aside from her Brandi interview, Siggy wrote another snooze fest of a blog entry about this week’s episode. Obviously there was some self promoting and talk about her family members that we don’t even know, but she did say this, which I found interesting and not totally true, “This episode of  RHONJ for me was all about women empowering each other! Nothing drives me crazier than when women feel like they need to compete with other women.”

Melissa and Jacqueline ignoring each other while Jacqueline wears an obnoxious message t shirt to instigate drama is women lifting each other up? Yes, I know they showed Teresa leading a yoga class and Siggy speaking about dating or whatever at Dolores’s gym, but that was by no means the A plot or even the B plot of this episode.

I know I sound like a horrible person with pretty much everything I’ve said, but the thing is that I don’t hate Siggy. In fact, I’ve seen her on a lot of talk shows and think she seems to be pretty good at giving advice and whatever else she does, but she brings nothing to this show. She doesn’t even come in with the comic relief. She’s just trying to fix the drama (which we need to keep the show going) and preaching about her own career.


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