Below Deck Stars Captain Lee And Kate Chastain Dish On Their Crew Past And Present

Below Deck stars Kate Chastain, Captain Lee and his wife were hanging in the clubhouse with Andy Cohen last night. Kate and Lee answered questions about crew members – past and present – and so much more!

Captain Lee’s wife of 42 years, Maryann, was the bartender last night. She says that his ego hasn’t gotten big since appearing on the show.


Andy plays an old clip from season 3 of Real Housewives of New York when Ramona Singer was on a yacht with Luann and Jill Zarin, bragging about how her haircut made her look like an older Cameron Diaz. Kate was working on that boat. She says that Ramona did brag to her about the haircut, too. “She was super excited, it was very new.”

Andy then plays a montage of all the things that the psychic was wrong about with Captain Lee. He asks if Lee is open to being read by a psychic? “Absolutely. I’m open. I consider myself very open-minded. The last thing I would ever want to do is embarrass a charter guest. I am one of those individuals that wear my feelings on my sleeve, I’m pretty easy to read.”

Was Kate surprised when she saw Ben‘s commentary, assuming HE was who the medium was referring to in Kate’s reading. “Completely. I thought he was just in the kitchen working.”

Andy asks Captain Lee a series of questions about his crew – past and present.

  • Who would he never want to work with again? “Rocky”
  • If you had to work with one of them for the rest of your yachting life, who would it be? “Kate”
  • Who complained the most? “Kelley”
  • Who do you keep in touch with the most? “Kelley”
  • Who would he donate a kidney to first? “All of them”
  • Who would he have sent home on a plane if he had the chance? “Rocky”
  • After watching the season, who had the most game when they went out at night? “Kate”

Were Kate and Lee surprised by Kyle’s revelation on the episode? Kate said, “I was just surprised that he had another person he was dating. He was so into Sierra and then he was so mad at Sierra and then he had a baby mama and it was just like ‘oh there’s someone else’!”

Why doesn’t Captain Lee ever go out with the crew? He laughs, “that would be a total recipe for disaster.”

A caller asks Kate if she is still dating women or if she’s gone back to dating men? “I’m a little traumatized from my last relationship but I’m not really attracted to girls that much. My last one wasn’t exactly feminine. But somebody cute just moved in next door to me but he has a pet cat, so I don’t know.”

Does Lee think he’s too hard on Kelley? “No, not at all. I see something in Kelley that I want to get out and I think that’s the way to go about it.”

Andy asks what Lee and Maryann’s kids think of the show (they have five). She says, “Like my one son said, it’s like watching home movies and he’s not in them, because we’ve all worked with dad.” Lee says that two of their kids are seamen.

Why don’t we ever see the captain’s quarters? “I think we did in an online tour this year.”

When’s the last time Kate spoke with Kat Held? “About two weeks ago. She’s doing good, she’s in Charleston, back in school. She’s great.”

Who is better: Eddie or Kelley? Lee says, “not going there.”

Who are Kate’s favorite and least favorite charter guests ever? “Dean Slover. He’s my charter soulmate. I just really know his preferences, he loves theme parties, he’s fun. My least favorite would probably be the woman who ordered all the mojitos: all of them, a lot of them, so many of them.  And had us iron her Forever 21 polyester skirt.”

A caller asks who they’d each save if the ship was sinking. Lee says, “you can’t make choices like that. You save everyone.” Kate turns to Lee and says she would save him. Lee says “you and I would definitely be the last ones off.” Kate laughs and sort of half shakes her head no.  She jokes, “A good captain goes down with his ship, but I’m not the captain!”

When a caller asks the secret to his long marriage, “to put your partner’s wants and needs above your own.” Maryann says “be married to your best friend. You have to have respect.” They laugh and agree when Andy says they also have “space” because Lee is gone on his charters.

Captain Lee says that he and Kelley really are gym buddies. “As often as I can get his ass out of bed in the morning.”

Captain Lee reveals that he was the captain on a charter for Beyonce and Jay-Z a few years ago in New York.

On handling Ben’s mood swings, Kate says “I’m used to them.” Lee admits that he is bothered by Ben’s behavior when he sees it watching the episodes.

Would Lee ever work with Trevor again? “no”

Which Housewife and their family would they want on charter? Kate says “I love Lisa Vanderpump. I think she’s elegant and cute and funny.” Lee says he votes for Lisa V, too.

When asked if he lets Ben get away with bad behavior, Lee says “Oh we’ve had our come to Jesus meetings.”

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