Lala confronts James

There has been so much talk about LaLa Kent’s exit from Vanderpump Rules. To be honest it was kind of confusing since I heard SO many times that she was off the show, yet see her promoting it on her social media accounts and in interviews. Obviously she is not liked by most of her cast members, but I figured the controversy would be welcomed on the show. One of (the many) people who is happy to have LaLa off the show is Jax Taylor, who is adamant that LaLa was fired.

LaLa has done a lot of interviews about how she was done with the show, she had better things to do, she didn’t want to be in that environment, and whatever else she said was going on with her “career,” so it really did seem like she quit the show, but Jax says that she is lying. Imagine that: Jax calling someone else a liar. Talk about some credibility issues there.


Jax hasn’t wanted LaLa around ever since she blew up his spot and revealed to his angel of a girlfriend Brittany Cartwright that Jax was hitting on her, not the other way around. From that point on, Jax was adamant about LaLa being an awful person- feel free to laugh at loud about that one.

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Don’t get me wrong, I weirdly do love Jax. As much as he lies about pretty much everything, I still find him to be a pretty endearing TV character. But anyway, Jax couldn’t leave well enough alone. This is not shocking though. No one in the cast wants LaLa to get the last word on anything. They pretty much all hate her aside from Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and James Kennedy.

When a fan tweeted Jax to ask, “Did Lala really quit??????,” Jax quoted the tweeted and responded with, “Umm no.. they kicked her off, just more of her lies.” Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past any of these people to lie to save face, but I still find it hilarious that Jax of all people is calling anyone out for dishonesty.

Spencer Pratt of all people tweeted, “Lemme get her spot,” Jax used that as an excuse to call out LaLa as well. Jax quoted that tweet and wrote, “Umm sweet heart you got kicked off a long time ago. What a joke this is.” – complete with a crying laughter emoji, of course.

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I really don’t think it matters if LaLa quit or got fired. I actually did like watching her on the show and giving that mean girl clique something to deal with, but the truth is that she never fit in with that group of people, not even as an adversary. Aside from working at SUR, it just seems like the mix of LaLa and the other cast members is way too forced.


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