cbb day 2 rayj

Day 2 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Ray J is waking up on the sofa because apparently it’s disrespectful to a spouse to share a bed with someone. Has this guy seen the show? Or get any warning what Big Brother entails whatsoever? He needs a word with his manager…if sharing a bed with male or female is this much of an issue, he has some shocks coming his way while he’s here.

We’re still at the stage of the game where everyone is feeling each other out, and weighing each other up. Bianca Gascoigne has a very deep and meaningful conversation about her father with Nicola McLean and Jasmine Waltz (who has been suspiciously quiet so far – the whole thing is like Jenga, when you prod and tease at the blocks to see which is the easiest to bring the whole thing down).  Unfortunately, the meaningful conversation is wasted on me as Bianca appears to have metal spikes down the parting of her hair. Like, what the…?! Does she sleep with that in?? Does it not snag?? Does she wake up in a pool of feathers and a ripped pillow cases?? How bizarre.


Heidi and Spencer Pratt end up in the snug room, talking about the other contestants and whether they are a threat to them. They have either forgotten about the cameras or are handily giving a narrative for the rest of us. Angie and Calum Best seem to have caught their attention the most and how well they are coming across. Maybe Speidi should be taking notes on how to make friends and influence people. Perhaps they could borrow the pens and paper from the first show to jot this stuff down. They need something…


Ray J and Stacy Francis have a conversation in the smoking corner of the garden about Ray J’s relationship with Kim Kardashian, whilst being joined by some of the other celebs. I know Bianca’s there. Her hair spikes tower above Coleen Nolan. Stacy is trying to say how much Kim was broken hearted by Ray J, who responds by saying how much they were both players. Stacy says she used to be in the house where Kim was styling him out and how she was crying about Ray J.

Does Stacy name drop or does she genuinely just hang around with all these A-listers? In which case, is that her fame, her phone book? Stacy really does grill Ray J but he handles himself well and answers all her questions with grace and tact. I say handles himself well – probably not for the Big Brother Producers. They paid money for this guy and his gossip and they guy just isn’t giving it up. Bring on the alcohol!

Housemates then have a casting couch task to choose who is next to be edited out. First up is Jamie O’Hara who is asked who he fancies in the house (Jasmine) and would he have sex in the house (No). Brandon Block is asked why he drove a car off a ferry (he clarifies he DOVE off the ferry, not drove, and merely as he thought it was a sensible thing to do at the time) and if he has had sex at space night club (and apparently he has never been in a fit state to do that there).

Angie is being questioned by Calum so I’m hoping the questions are less sex based otherwise that could be REALLY awkward. He first asks if he is actually Elvis Presley’s son (according to the fact sheet they are given she once had an encounter with him), and she joins the joke by agreeing and telling the tale – she was in Las Vegas when she was 19 with George Hamilton, Sammy Davis Jr, and his wife (kinda puts my pals to shame). The Colonel approached them saying that Elvis would like to see them in his dressing room. She went to see him and he told her she was the most beautiful girl in the audience and they exchanged numbers. Awwww.

Angie is brought right back down to Earth (how dare she have attention of her own) by Heidi asking what she would do if Calum hooked up with someone in the house (answer: nothing). She’s then asked by James if anyone is grating on her in the house, and she happily calls out Spencer, saying that no one can tell if they’re having a sincere conversation with him as he is too busy playing all the little games and he will not let people close to him.

Spencer looks slightly uncomfortable that he’s being called out so early on, and in a really nice way, so he can’t bite back. Angie calls him untrustworthy, to which he responds, “It’s only a game”.  Quick as a flash, she replies, “Right back at ya!” The crowds whooop and people start dancing on the streets of England that this 64 year old woman just totally owned someone that’s renowned for being a villain, with absolute grace and finesse (And OMG, she so does not look 64 years old. Gonna have to get me a healthy lifestyle if that’s what it does for you!). OK, I lied about the partying on the streets, but this has got to be my favorite moment of the series so far. This woman is awesome.

Next in the hot seat is Bianca, who once said the most famous person she has ever kissed is Calum Best. Nicola asks if it was just a kiss (yes) and Calum asks if it will happen again (maybe) whilst the viewing public cringe that his mother is watching this. Bianca is then asked about having a game plan, but gives the standard “I just want to be me” response.

Ray J seems as enthralled on this answer as I am, and falls asleep on the sofa again (what is it with this guy and couches?), not for long though, as he is up next.

Obviously the first question is about the sex tape and the fact that Ray J has four top 50 albums and all the work associated and yet what he is most known for is having sex with Kim Kardashian, and whether that bothers him (no, not really). James asks for more details on the tape but Ray J has clearly been warned by his legal team and says that he can’t go into detail. Coleen asks if it’s true he spent $30,000 on a birthday party for his dog, and he admits it was a little more.

I actually didn’t think I would like Ray J, but he has come across really well so far, along with Angie. If the celebs aren’t careful, it will be these ‘lesser known’ guys (to us at least, I appreciate Ray J may be better known over there, but I genuinely had never heard of this guy before now) that win.

Anyway, back to the task. The producers (all-stars) have to decide next to be edited out and the pads and pens are out. This means things are serious. Spencer makes the mistake of nominating Angie and you can tell Calum is not impressed. Spencer forces the issue a little more, and Calum point blank refuses. Brandon is instead chosen.


Then we are shown footage of Spencer and Heidi in the bedroom discussing how they provoked a reaction from Calum for picking on his mom, Calum outside discussing protecting his mother, and Angie in the kitchen calling out Spencer for trying to get back at her naming him as game player. The house may need more rooms.

This is a definite tinderbox and I can see this sparking some major drama in the house, although in the same note, Calum looks so sweet in defending his mom and only doing what most of us would do in that same situation. It’s good to see the ‘non-celeb’ side to him.

Later in the evening, Stacy opens up to Momma Nolan regarding the argument with Whitney and what happened. She puts it down to a misunderstanding between them both regarding Ray J and talks again about how hurt she is that he didn’t defend her (I need to google how Ray J fits into all this as I’m lost with it all), but Coleen talks it out and it’s all good.


Or it is till we go into the kitchen, where Jasmine, Calum, and Bianca are talking about Nicola getting upset earlier in the garden about missing her children. Jasmine has asked if she was okay, and Nicola had said that she was missing her kids. Jasmine had answered that it had only been a day (defending herself, she said she meant it that it was only the beginning and was only going to get worse, and that she didn’t have kids so didn’t know what it was like for her), and Calum reasonably explains that it was this comment that people didn’t like. To be fair, it was a silly thing to say and there are no excuses for it.

Nicola is shown sobbing in the diary room, and it sparks the conversation outside the diary room with Jasmine and Bianca that is standard in the house – whether a mum of young kids should go into the house. I don’t think there’s a right answer here, but it seems to fade into the distance when the footage cuts to later in the night when most of the housemates are in the kitchen and talking about Nicola’s breast size. Speaking of which, when did breasts start getting sized in cc’s??? Apparently hers are 1010 ccs, or as James puts it, “You don’t get many of them to the pound!” We learn that 1010 ccs are double G and that Heidi had her 750 cc’s removed. Who knew boob jobs could be so technical. It’s almost educational.


The episode closes with the standard conversation about Heidi and Spencer and their game playing. To the point now where I hope they live up to their hype. They seem to have a lot to live up to, and everyone is so wise to them, it’s going to be harder to do. The credits roll on fun and laughter, but the warning signs of tension were there with Calum and Speidi so I don’t think it’ll be long till the house is livened up. Anticipation is nine-tenths the pleasure.

Photo Credit: Celebrity Big Brother/Channel 5