Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 7 – Austin Melts Down In The Diary Room

It’s day 7 on Celebrity Big Brother and we’re waking up to a night of regrets and headaches. Nicola McLean wonders if her husband will be annoyed, and when told she’ll have some explaining to do, she retorts that she gets a free pass due to his indiscretions anyway. Angie Best tells son Calum Best off for drinking so much and tells him his liver can’t deal with it. I really wish he would let this side of his character out more; the relationship with his mum is so cute.

And it is this that leads us on to the task of the day. Angie, who has been personal trainer to the likes of Priscilla Presley and Cher, is asked to choose the unhealthiest housemates and run a detox program with them. Her choices (victims) are James C, Coleen, Ray J, Brandon, and Calum. Housemates will not be able to smoke, drink alcohol, or eat unless Angie tells them they can. Obviously they’re thrilled. Helped by Angie saying Ray J has put notable weight on since being in the house.


Calum tries to explain to Angie this could cause some animosity, which Angie can’t understand as she genuinely thinks the end result is worth it. The have healthy salad, hand over contraband and meditate. After 5 hours and 12 minutes of healthy living (not that they’re counting), Ray J is allowed a cigarette, and asks Angie for clarity on what he’s allowed. Angie tells him to grow up and stop whining and calls him a “f*cking slime.” I haven’t heard her swear so much as she does at this point. Jasmine watches on and pulls Calum to one side afterwards and tells him what was said. Calum doesn’t even believe she said that at first, so I’m glad to know it caught him off guard too. Calum speaks to his mother and asks her to calm down a tad. I think she actually just went into work mode, like they were real clients, as opposed to grumpy celebs that aren’t happy in the house anyway.

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Austin is in grump mode again. He tears into Stacy and tells her that she makes him feel uncomfortable with her relationship with Ray J and that it’s disrespectful to his wife. He’s talking rubbish. She has done nothing wrong whatsoever. He then denies using the words that he actually does, and James J wanders past and gets Austin’s attention for a screaming match. It’s noted that it’s always alcohol involved. Stacy holds her own. Austin tells her that he is not the only person that feels that way and that four other people nominated her and probably agree with him. Stacy owns the argument by telling him, “if I got nominated and I got nominated by the five people that don’t like me because I laugh too loud and love too hard, then I say, bring it on.” And in that one sentence, she has gone up leaps and bounds in my estimation, and Austin looks the fool that he’s acting.

What on Earth has happened to this guy? There is literally nothing that I’m enjoying of him this season. I hope whatever is going on in his life that has made him so angry, is soon resolved.

Stacy leaves Austin speechless and drops the mic as she walks off. Go girl.

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Second task for the day is playing a game of “who’s lying now.” Telling the lies are the housemates voted most untrustworthy by the public. The UK has decided on Speidi, Coleen, and Jasmine. The rest of the housemates have to guess which of three tweets or statements that are read is the lie. Obviously Big Brother goes for the most contentious for entertainment. One round is three quotes that each untrustworthy housemate has said, bar one lie.

Coleen is found out to have said Heidi is Spencer’s puppet and Jasmine’s statement that Stacy only talks to Jasmine for camera time. Final round is Coleen reading out her nominations for Ray J and Angie, Speidi’s nominations for Austin and Bianca, and a false one for Jasmine. The housemates correctly guess two out of three rounds and win the challenge… then go and deal with the fallout the game has provided.

Firstly is Coleen crying in the garden that she is considered one of the most fake. She believes it is the worst thing that could have been said. Stacy then confronts Jasmine about what she had said. Whilst Jasmine tries to say that she didn’t want to talk about it, and that basically she got carried away in the diary room. She doesn’t want to discuss it and tells Stacy to not let it upset her. She seems uncomfortable. She apologizes, and genuinely seems awkward that it has upset Stacy but doesn’t want to admit it.

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And we break to Austin losing his head in the diary room. He wants to leave. He screams, hits, takes his top off, and swears in a Yorkshire accent, which takes the meaning away quite a bit from the melodrama. It’s like 90% American and every now and then flat vowels and a northern accent. It’s hard to take seriously, and to be fair, I stopped listening. He had a freak out, then told himself to stick the night out and see how he feels in the morning. Hungover is my guess. He is so frustrating and coming across so badly, which I didn’t think would happen.

Angie is called to the diary room and told that the task has finished, so they can all go back to their cigarettes and alcohol. She’s given a hamper of fruit and veggies for everyone to enjoy. Which is nice, but it’s 1:00 in the morning. I never fancy a stick of celery at that time. Maybe this is why I’m not Cher.

Austin and James are arguing again in the garden. It’s so tired now; it’s literally handbags at dawn.


Everyone goes to bed and most of the housemates are asleep apart from Nicola and Austin.  Nicola suggests putting water in James’ bed, which he does. They both laugh loudly and call him stupid when he realizes. James holds his temper well, especially when Austin starts laughing at the fact that James is a dancer, and “my mom told me Billy Elliott was a bad ass.” James and Austin start arguing again, and the camera flashes to Spencer and Heidi laughing at the commotion. Austin even turns on Coleen, and whilst I’m no fan of James J, he didn’t deserve the argument. Nicola should be ashamed of herself for starting it.

I think we are actually witnessing Austin having a Britney moment, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he were to leave or have some sort of breakdown. Unless last season was a complete act, the true Austin is shining through right now. It’s almost like a mini Perez. The only positive is that Jedward weren’t even noticeable in this episode, even Speidi minimally so, which no one would have expected at all. We can only see how this will turn out tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Channel 5