Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 9 – Land Of Nod Tasks Continue

It’s Day 9 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the second day of the Land of Nod Task.  Celebs have pulled an all-nighter with the egg timers and dream cloud jumping.

Brandon Block is struggling in the house and James Jourdan is feeling guilty.  Neither of which I saw coming.  James feels that they should have been more sensitive to the fact that she is nominated for eviction and has been dealt a tough journey so far.  Angie takes the tough stance and says that they can’t have regrets and that she was up for eviction too, so by the same thinking, she should have been invited too.  However Nicola and James talk to Stacy.  Somehow it turns in to Nicola walking off in tears.  #itsallaboutme.


Got to say, I am loving the look of those dressing gowns.  Nicola and James are up and down in the fluffiest softest looking robes.  As a recipient of a new dressing gown over Christmas, I appreciate a good gown and those are definitely ones of quality.  Not that mine isn’t, of course, but you know #justsaying

Back to the house.  Jedward are still in the house.  Wearing white socks.  Enough said.

Stacy and James C are talking about their celebrity friends.  AKA Stacy is name dropping again and telling James about singing for Tom Cruise.  And being a Scientologist.  I say they’re talking.  James doesn’t say a great deal.  I don’t think he got chance.

Stacy moves victims and Jamie is next in the firing line.  Poor chile is sitting in the hot tub, and Stacy is making her moves.  If I ever have to resort to the line of “Once you try black you never go back,” lock me up and retire me from ever conversing with the opposite sex again.

When that doesn’t work (can’t think why), she tries the older woman angle.  Whilst everyone is laughing (Jamie somewhat uncomfortably), I’m wondering if it would be just as acceptable if it were an older man saying all this to a younger woman.  I think it would actually be classed as harassment.  Or maybe that’s just me.

celebrity-big-brother-day-9 (4)

We move to late afternoon and Brandon is leaving.  He’s not happy and hasn’t felt himself for a few days.  Everyone respects his decision, with Brandon and James C having a hug and a kiss and a proper bond.  Fine touching moment.  Then Jedward get involved and ruin the moment.  They just won’t let go keep badgering him.  Even when told to back off a number of times, they still keep at it.  How very unlike Jedward.  They push that wee bit hard and Jamie loses it.  They are told they’re the biggest joke act he’s ever seen and they’re just noise.  Jamie is usually quite a quiet character so to see this, they must have been buzzing like gnats.  Give Jedward their due, they don’t raise their voice or swear or anything like that and take it well.  Makes you wonder how much is an act and how much is genuine lack of self -awareness and sensitivity of other.

However Spencer smells weakness and heads to Jedward divide and conquer.  He tells them no one else is interested, and no one cares, and we see the team up that everyone predicted.  Or do we?  When Spencer started getting a bit more carried away, saying that “we don’t care” what the other house mates thought of them, we being Speidi and Jedward, Jedward (no idea which one) said “Actually I do”.  We (us, not them)see a glimmer of hope….

Last part of the task, and Nicola and James J have to guess who said what in the house.  Angie is identified as being housemate Speidi identified as biggest game player.  Speidi are also identified as saying trash about Bianca and James J found out that Edward (of Jedward) called him a nobody, so all in all, tonight’s entertainment has been nicely set up.  Ingredients in, now add alcohol….

John (of Jedward- I know this cos he said the other one was Edward) heads straight up to James J to apologize.  James J takes it on the chin and seems pretty genuine about it.  That’s one thing about him, he seems to take it as well as he gives it.  The entertainment is delayed for now.

Coleen and Austin are talking whilst looking after the egg timers.  Austin is explaining that whilst he knows he has a problem with drink, he doesn’t think he is an alcoholic and Coleen offers that she thinks he is using alcohol to self-medicate whilst in the house.  She tells him that even when he is drinking, he can still be fun Austin till he just has that one too many, and just starts looking for a fight.  Austin does agree and it’s comforting to know he has identified it himself, and hopefully will get the help he needs.

Angie confronts Speidi as to how she is the biggest player, so she can continue doing it.  Calum’s face at this is a picture.  He doesn’t know how to bite for, Speidi or Angie.  Spencer explains that no one expected her to be able to fight back as much as she does.  She drops in an f-bomb and seems to throw in a little threat/shade that she had to come and ask them as she’s sure there’ll be plenty they ask her about and as long as everyone’s aware it’s a game and means nothing.  Calum’s like, seriously, what the…..


Spencer points out that this behavior is just backing his theory up, which to be fair is right.  I originally thought Angie had a good chance of being a winner or at least high in the final few, but now, I’m not so sure.  It’s like if my dad came at my friends wearing a backwards baseball cap, high fiving everyone and rapping.  And to anyone that knows my dad, A) tell him Hi.  B) Tell him NOOOOOOO.


Housemates are told that they passed the shopping task.  The ad break shows us that 2 new housemates are entering on eviction night, and promising the weekend from hell.  Has anyone seen Perez your side of the pond lately?  I may have to take a couple of days off from this and pick up when he’s gone.  That guy made my teeth itch last time.  Hopefully I’m panicking undeservedly.  Can but hope.

Back to the house, and Austin, Bianca, Stacy, James J and Jamie are talking about the paparazzi and Austin is saying how the majority of shots are set up, which they all agree.  James asks why that bothers him, although he goes to great effort to say he’s not trying to bait him, merely see what’s he’s thinking.  Stacy is already getting annoyed and starts walking off.  It threatens to kick off, but they all, especially Bianca calm him and tell him he can’t keep acting like this, and just to ignore it.  Austin does and Stacy walks up and baits him.  And Ka-Boom!!!!! Or more, Ka-tsh.  It’s like a firework that fizzles out.  A little bit of handbags at dawn and they go their separate ways…

…however later in the evening most of the housemates are sat in the garden having a drink and talking.  They are actually having conversations and banter and joking and laughing and just making Big Brother memories.  Austin stops everything to tell Stacy that he doesn’t dislike her and has not taken on board that’s she had such a bad time in the house and that he should have made allowances for that, and that he is really enjoying her company.  Everyone toasts, and it’s a lovely moment.  We turn a corner, and Stacy really does seem so happy to feel accepted.   It’s lovely.


Calum is teasing Nicola about her behavior with Jamie, and she is looking pretty tipsy.  Things could get interesting.  Jasmine is apologizing to Stacy and the girls seem to be completing the night’s apologies and peace talks.  Stacy is so relieved and happy she’s crying, and I am so glad she’s got something positive to remember of the house.  She does spoil the moment a tad by coming on a wee bit strong with Calum but let’s put that down to euphoria.  She goes in to the diary room and is soo giddy about it all.  We shan’t tell her that while she’s in there, talking about her crush on him, Jasmine’s in the kitchen cupping his sausage.  And not the one he’s frying.  We finish the night with Jasmine joining a sleeping Calum in his bed, and peace and order restored in the house.  Just in time for the upheaval that’s coming….who will the new housemates be??

Photo Credit: Channel 5