Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 12

Celebrity Big Brother recap

We start the Celebrity Big Brother recap with half the housemates in hell with Jedward and the other half in hell with Chloe Ferry and Kim Woodburn. Not entirely sure there’s that much difference to be fair. Apart from the real hell, ironically looks colder. Chloe is making herself known – not a good thing. She gets a bit possessive over Calum Best and then asks to see Jamie O’Hara’s winkie. Classy.

Jasmine Waltz is in hell and struggling, mainly with Jedward, and hey, who wouldn’t? She is upset after going into the diary room. Stacy Francis goes to comfort her, but Jasmine really doesn’t want Stacy to see her upset and pushes her away. Stacy tries to break through but Jasmine gets even more upset that she has shown weakness. I think it’s one of the most honest moments we have seen of Jasmine, and a definite chink in her armour. I think she also feels a little guilty about things she said to Stacy, but feels she has a character to live up to. I’ve actually quite liked Jasmine this time round for the most part, so I think her objective of re-hashing her image has worked. To me, she actually seems quite vulnerable at that moment in time.


Celebrity Big Brother recap

Today’s task involves hell housemates going to ‘purgatory’ and housemates from the living had to choose two wicked words that best described the hell housemates and hell housemates have to identify at least one of the words from a list scrawled on the wall. Whoever guesses the most will be saved and returned to the land of the living.

Just in case anyone was wondering, Jedward have been playing in the mud, and have drawn a six pack torso on one of them and are walking round in pants and socks and mud. I didn’t think playing in mud warranted a mention, but realised it looked odd. However they are odd – it’s Jedward.

Living housemates chose as follows:

Coleen:  Weak and Lazy (Jedward correctly picked weak and states that she needs to grow a thicker skin; that they were 25 and had managed it. Good point, well made)

Stacy:  Snappy and Cringeworthy (Jedward, Stacy, and James J were correct)

James J: Self–Centered and Smug (James himself describes as washed up, explaining that when he and Spencer are bantering with Jamie and Calum” the only thing they come back with is that “he’s washed up dancer, and that’s all I hear from a washed-up footballer and someone that is talentless.” Now this said as a joke and everyone laughs, but becomes preeeetttty important later in the show.  Jedward are the only ones that got this correct.

Speidi: Controlling and Disappointing (Colleen and Jasmine get this one)

Jedward: Wannabee and Deluded. Jedward do NOT like hearing negative things about them and argue back with each point, sometimes quite personally. The skin’s clearly not so thick with this one. (Coleen gets this right)

Jasmine: Bitchy and erratic. (Colleen, James C, and Jedward get this right, and gets Jedward a passage to the house)

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Jedward have to nominate a ‘living’ housemate to swap status with, and they chose James Cosmo.  At first I thought they were being nasty in nominating him, but to be fair, I think James C would actually welcome the peace and quiet. He actually goes into Hell, and tells them how pleased he is to see them and how much he is struggling with the newbies.

Jedward return to the house and within 15 minutes are starting to tell tales and stir up trouble. They tell Calum that James J is game playing and nasty with it; they tell Bianca that Colleen thinks she’s had it easy in the house, with no struggles; he later tells Jamie that James J called him washed-up. They do neglect to tell him the conversation or sentiment and sit back in glee.

Stacy, James J, and Jasmine have a chance to go back to the main house, by escaping some chains and locks they are fastened to. James J picks Calum, oblivious to the stirring that Jedward have been up to. James J manages to talk to Calum before he goes into hell and James explains what had happened and actually says they originally thought the housemates were watching, hence going in on them. Calum seems happy with the explanation and goes to hell, welcomed joyfully.

Fullscreen capture 1172017 120848 PM

Angie and Jedward are bonding. Scarily. This could get messy.

Jamie isn’t happy. He is quite sensitive about the career dig. James apologizes. Things are quite heated and I do think James has accidentally touched a nerve, not helped by Jamie overhearing part of a conversation about James not coming in to make friends. It’s not settled. Fifteen minutes later, Calum is in Hell still raging and James J approaches Jamie to genuinely apologise. She does show remorse. I do believe that it wasn’t meant maliciously whatsoever; James J isn’t sly with his comments or thoughts, and he does usually do it to someone’s face or make no secret. It’s not his style to have a fake bromance.I think it was just the worst thing that could have been said, as I think it’s his biggest fear, especially at the moment whilst his future is so insecure career wise. James does take it on board and understands the point, so they hug it out.  Whilst Jamie and James J (too many J’s) are talking, it dawns on them that it’s Jedward that have caused the misunderstanding. James J is left pre-warned and ready.

Later in the evening, James J is talking to Nicola and Jamie. Nicola is explaining how annoyed the house was to find the food, etc., trashed on the night of the introduction to hell. James tries to explain that it was silly but funny at the time, as they were all doing it. Nicola says Jedward told them it was only James J and Jasmine, and it tips James J over the edge. James J goes to the bedroom and asks Jedward to join them at the table in the kitchen.

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Jedward were clearly waiting for this, as one straight away says to go and sort it all out, before James J even says what he wants them for. One of Jedward (no idea which one, and no plans to try work it out) says that he thought they already knew it was all of them, and John of Jedward (I know this as BB helpfully put a caption up) admits to it. James J calmly says it seems that they’ve been telling a few lies in the time they came back from hell (to be fair, they didn’t seem to have that much time to do it – gotta love their work! Pure talent to cause THAT much grief in approximately 15 milliseconds).

They are having a bit of a disagreement, then Angie comes storming in accusing James to dragging Jedward out of bed, from sleeping and not leave it till morning. James J and Angie start up, and she starts again. James tells Angie to go wash up. Not the words I’d have chosen but same thing. She then attacks Nicola saying she’s just a pacifist and to be a woman. James does point out that’s not a bad thing but Angie carries on. Angie goes low and James retaliates. Jedward (who are more than capable of sticking up for themselves) sit back and let Auntie Angie do her thing.

Nicola takes James J out the way, outside. Angie vents to Jedward and seeks validation from them. Jedward are more than happy to nod and agree and she ends up winding herself so much she starts to get upset. Jessica sees her and goes outside seeking sympathy from James and Nicola. Sympathy or Airtime. Not sure which. Seeing as it’s her standout moment from an hour episode, probably the latter. The house is certainly hotting up.

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