Lala confronts James

Lala Kent may have quit Vanderpump Rules, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving SUR behind. (I hear the fried goat cheese balls are addictive.) Lala says she was at the restaurant this weekend at the very same Kristen Doute happened to be there and that Kristen stalked and harassed her throughout dinner. Well that’s charming!

Lala claims she was there for a business dinner and Kristen started drama with her. “I went to the back area, which is a lounge area where anyone can sit, not just the workers. I go to take a table and Kristen is behind me. She is like, ‘You can’t sit there.’ So I removed myself.”


Peter Madrigal moved Lala and Co.“They gave us the private area and we are all sitting down having drinks and Kristen decides to make her way over and basically starts yelling at me saying, ‘This is not your show, get the f–k off my show, you’re a stupid whore.'”

Lala tells Page Six, “I didn’t know whether to laugh, like as if it were serious, so I kept telling her to go away.” That’s interesting because Kristen’s alleged comments about Lala echo statements Stassi Schroeder made in a recent interview.

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Now, I’m sure Lala said some stuff to instigate. Despite how she portrays herself as a trampled flower, we all know Lala can dish it out as much as she can take it, but the other girls have seriously been crossing the line in their stalking and harassment. We also know Kristen (especially since Stassi was also at SUR that night) loves to lash out like a toddler.

Both Kristen and Peter deny Lala’s story. Peter tweeted, “The story that popped up in the last 48hrs is categorically false. What is claimed didn’t happened at Sur.” Lala accuses them both of lying.

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Kristen added that Lala “failed to mention how drunk she was. #thirsty”

To me, it is Stassi, Katie, and Kristen who come across as thirsty. Like they know they’re being phased out of the show and are clinging on desperately to some notion that the show is nothing without them. Except they are wrong. Not to mention, it’s embarrassing to be 30+ years old and arguing like this.

Lala also explained the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which James told Kristen and Stassi he signed, to prevent him (or anyone else) from revealing information about Lala’s top secret (possibly married) boyfriend.

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“It has nothing to do with my man” and “everything to do with me,” asserts Lala. The agreement was drafted by Lala’s team – a publicist, attorney, and manager at her direction to prevent people from filming her without consent after a friend of a friend took a video of her taking a bath while drunk. “I can’t believe it was made into such a big deal,” she scoffs. “I can’t believe the rest of the cast does not have this.” Yeah, Stassi

Finally, Lala is still undecided about whether or not she’ll attend the reunion, which films next month. She says, “Now that I’ve watched this season, I’m letting these people off way too easily.”

“The way that I’ve been treated this season is absolutely not OK,” Lala continues, “and if they want to act like they don’t have skeletons in their closet, I can definitely show everybody that they do.” EXACTLY.


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