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I used to root for Katie Maloney to come out of Stassi Schroeder‘s shadow on Vanderpump Rules, but now that she has, she’s getting the mean girl edit as the new leader of the clique. Katie, Stassi, and Kristen Doute do not like LaLa Kent and they never have. So obviously they want to ostracize her to the point where it wouldn’t make sense for her to be in the cast and they can get LaLa off of (what they perceive to be) their show. And you know that squad was not going to tolerate Scheana Marie Shay being friendly with LaLa.

I can see why they wouldn’t want their friend to be friends with a woman that they have declared to be an enemy – but come on, LaLa is a SUR hostess and Scheana is a waitress, so they have to communicate every single time they’re at the restaurant. Why wouldn’t they just try to be pleasant when they interact? It doesn’t mean they have to be best friends, or even be friends at all, but having a civil rapport sounds better than being miserable every single shift. But maybe I’m just being too logical about this since Scheana seems to disagree.


Personally, I think it was total bull sh*t when Katie got offended by Scheana talking to LaLa at their shared place of work. That’s beyond dumb. Katie needs to chill out and stop trying to control the clique. It makes me miss the golden era of Stassi‘s reign as the squad’s leader. All hail, Stassi – the ultimate head bitch in charge.

Scheana declared her loyalty to queen Katie, by refusing to be friends with, or even have polite conversation with, LaLa. I get that LaLa isn’t the nicest person on the planet, but Katie’s clique seems to be taking it way too far. Plus, if we look at the big picture here, those girls need LaLa. Without LaLa, they have no opposition. No opposition means no drama. No drama means that the show is boring. And boring reality shows get cancelled. So, if these people want to continue promoting detox tea and teeth whitening products on Instagram, they really do need an enemy on their show.

As expected, the haters came at Scheana on Twitter after the last episode aired. Obviously, I feel bad for anyone getting attacked on social media, but I can understand why so many viewers were confused by Scheana refusing to interact with LaLa when Scheana is usually polite to everyone. Those on Twitter  accused her of being pushed by Katie‘s clique into making the decision and for being a blind follower. They really did go in on her and Scheana did what she could to defend herself.

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One Twitter user mentioned Scheana in this tweet: “I hope you stay true to you because that [is] one reason you are my favorite. Don’t be a follower.” To which Scheana replied: “Never have been. Never will be. Trying to respect a friends wishes isn’t following. Anyone who fat shames anyone isn’t a friend to me.”

I absolutely get why Scheana wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who fat shames. That is a terrible thing to do, but refusing to acknowledge a coworker that she needs to communicate with at her job seems like a little bit of overkill to me. I’m all for being a loyal friend, but why make your job more difficult because of that?

Another tweeter gave Scheana a warning about what she shouldn’t do – in a situation that already happened months ago – with this post digging at Katie, Kristen, and Stassi: “Don’t let the 3 musketeers dictate ur friendship. The fact they make u chose sides, shows they are not true friends.”

Poor Scheana. You can tell she doesn’t know how to handle being caught in the middle. And I’m wondering if she still has some PTSD from the days of the trio alienating and hating Scheana. It has to be a difficult dynamic being best friends with former tormentors. I don’t know how she does it – other than the fact that they are contractually bound to appear in the same show and most of them work at SUR. Nevertheless, it seem like some tough water to navigate.

Even though it seems like those three put a lot of pressure on Scheana, she replied to that tweeter by declaring, “No one dictates anything in my life other than me. I have amazing friends. You don’t see everything. Remember that!”

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That’s the tough thing about reality TV: we get to see a lot of the action, but the negative moments are more likely to make the cut. I’m sure that the moments when Katie, Kristen, and Stassi were being reasonable and understanding friends was not going to make for interesting television and would automatically end up on the cutting room floor.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this clique fares throughout the course of the season. These people are constantly changing allegiances, so I have no idea what to expect other than most of the females hating on LaLa – that is one thing that is sure to remain constant. Hopefully Scheana will find some way to function in this new group dynamic and stay true to herself…. if Katie will allow it… kidding/not kidding.

I actually feel bad for Katie these days because the current season is not a good look for her and I assume she’s getting lots of social media hate. Let’s hope she can turn this shit around and go back to being the cast member most of us were rooting for.


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