Tom 2 and Katie are engaged

Katie Maloney, Scheana Marie, Tom Schwartz and Stassi Schroeder were in the hot seat tonight on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, hosted by Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard.  Stassi is first up on the couch.  Julie says, “our most famous homeless person since Gandhi” – clearly this was an oversight and they really meant since Bethenny Frankel

They dig right in, wanting more info on Stassi’s now infamous ‘sex tape’.  Stassi reveals, “Honestly, I only did it like twice.”  She then compares it to people who get pregnant after one try, because her sex tape happened after one try.  Brandy asks questions, trying to get a better visual of the whole thing.  Stassi was naked, alone in the video, and it was filmed on a phone that was propped. “I don’t like reliving this.” Julie and Brandy try to convince her that it probably looks hot.  Stassi admits that Scheana told her it looked hot when she saw it. “That did not make me feel better at all.”  

They play a few clips of Stassi stripping down on the show and skinny dipping, etc, commenting that she obviously is a bit of an exhibitionist, so why not release the sex tape like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton? “No.  I’m actually a little bit of a prude when it comes to some stuff.”

Moving on to friendship talk, she says it had been a very long time since she had seen Katie when she showed up in Palm Springs. (aside from an awkward encounter at the nail salon) They play her apology tour clips. Brandy says now that she made amends with everyone, she’s free to sleep with Jax again, Stassi says “NO.” And that she never would do him again – ever. 

Next up on the couch: Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay.  Why did Katie think it was a good idea to come around and talk to Stassi again? She says it took her a long time to get there but then decided she wanted to catch her off guard in Palm Springs. 

Scheana explains her worries about Katie going to the “dark side.” She says, “Stassi and I weren’t always the best of friends and I felt like Katie was the worst version of herself when they were friends before and so I was worried with Stassi coming back she would go back to the mean Katie.” Katie chimes in, “Give me a little break here. I do think she had a little PTSD from before. The dynamic will shift and change we weren’t friends back then, we were acquaintances, so now that we’ve already been such close friends, I’m not going to let my ex-best friend come in and ruin it. I’m smarter than that.” 

Julie asks Scheana if she’s the HBIC now? “No, Lisa’s always going to be the Head Bitch in Charge.”

How do they think Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have changed since they started dating? Scheana says, “In the beginning I didn’t think they were different at all, I thought they were a great match for each other.  About a year into their relationship it just took a negative turn. It was just complaining about everything. If it was Kristen, it was Ariana couldn’t fit into the clothes because she was too skinny or whatever, she didn’t have enough time in her day to get her errands done with auditions, it was just always something she was complaining about.” She says she offered and asked if there was anything she could do to help. 

Brandy says “she wanted you to stop hanging out with Kristen.” Scheana says, “that’s not gonna happen. Kristen proved herself to be a great friend.”

Will Tom and Ariana ever get over this thing with Kristen? Katie says they never pushed Ariana, telling her she had to be friends with Kristen. “Our argument was “listen, we care about you two a lot, your friendships are important to us, but Kristen also is important to us now and I know it’s not your favorite topic but if you could just be okay with it and not pass judgement on me.”

Scheana says them trying to get Kristen to come on the Hawaii trip was so blown out of proportion. “The reaction was so intense. We were just saying that if Jax wants her there, I support Jax, it’s his birthday trip, too.”

Julie asks Katie to spill the tea on her epic texting meltdown aimed at Tom Schwartz. “We were at the beach all day drinking, shooting our engagement photos. Tom and Ariana were not happy to be there, so rather than just patting me on the back like ‘it’s okay babe’, Tom got on my case for being upset. He likes to try to tell me when I’m wrong or help me see the other side. And I think he called me a scumbag and that really set it off. I kind of reverted back to old Katie, Tequila Katie.” 

Scheana says she was there and tried to stop the rage texting, “but when Tequila Katie is determined, you kind of just wanna steer clear.” Katie says that Scheana told her she’d regret the next morning, but Katie didn’t care because she was so mad. 

Tom Schwartz comes out and sits with Katie and they discuss her rage texting. Tom says, “she’s a master of her craft.” 

Julie reads a few of Katie’s texts. “You’re a piece of shit, you’re not a good boyfriend.Tom says “she’s just warming up with that one.” The next text: “Thank God I’m not pregnant.  I can’t believe I almost married you. Can’t even believe I considered you as a fiance.  I want all of your shit out of the apartment, I don’t give a fuck about this ring.”  Tom laughs, “that’s a standard, that’s in almost every rage session.” He clarifies that these rage sessions are few and far between, though. Her last Tweet, “you might as well pawn it and start a new life.”  

Tom says,”By the way, can you imagine these in rapid succession? It’s not like she’s thinking about it for five minutes. It’s like boom, boom, boom. I don’t even have a moment to recover from the first text and she hits me with another.” 

What’s his favorite one? Tom says,”She’ll be like ‘I’m taking the dog and you’ll never see him again!‘ She knows how to hit me where it hurts.” 

Katie admits, “it was like blind rage, it was out of body, basically. I’m not justifying or making excuses.” Tom admits that he tried to inject the voice of reason too soon. Brandy and Julie think Tom loves the brutal poetry and knows how to trigger it. Tom says that he tells her, “I can’t wait to show you this tomorrow!”  They laugh off the fact that you can’t disarm Tequila Katie.  Tom says it’s a tornado and you seek shelter.

Would Katie have invited Stassi to the engagement party if Tom hadn’t already invited her? Katie says she had zero intention of inviting her up until that moment in Palm Springs. 

Is Tom excited to have Stassi back, weighing in on all of his bad behavior? “I feel like we sort of set new boundaries. We decided to start fresh. I don’t think we’re going to fall back on our old ways.”  

What if it makes Lisa think they’re more annoying now? Katie admits,”I hope she doesn’t lose any respect for me. I’m handling this situation with Stassi with patience and still with my guard up a little bit.  Nothing like it was before. I can’t base what decisions I make off what Lisa is going to condone or not.” Tom jokes that he’s Lisa’s bitch, basically, “if she doesn’t want me to be friends with Stassi, it’s over.”



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