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Lisa Vanderpump along with nearly everyone else is sick and tired of hearing Lisa Rinna’s opinions about Kim Richards’ sobriety. And The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star isn’t afraid to call her (and a few others) out about it in her blog this week. Lisa also has no time for Eileen Davidson’s game playing, defending herself against Eileen’s tired old accusations of being “manipulative.”

About Eileen, Lisa writes, “Well once again, Eileen raises the issue of another woman being  manipulated by my good self. I find it rather amusing that she would perpetually, backhandedly compliment me, just by virtue of the fact that I have these extraordinary powers, but also patronizes other women by insinuating they are guilty of being feeble-minded weaklings with no opinions of their own.”


But Dorit Kemsley, the target of Lisa V’s manipulations (according to Eileen), has a backbone of her own who Lisa advises “you will come to know, is a strong woman that is totally capable of forming her own opinions, as you will see.”

As for Kyle Richards, well, she needs no backbone – because she’s apparently got the full weight of a Vanderpump defense in her corner. But Lisa seems to defend Kyle – and Kim – mostly in the name of getting Rinna to just shut the f–k up already about ALL THINGS SOBRIETY.

Lisa explains in her blog, “I was vociferous in my defense of Kim and to Kyle later, that LR‘s intent to humiliate Kim at her ‘game night’ was unacceptable. To constantly initiate subjects referring to Kim’s struggles is not necessary. So not having witnessed first-hand the extraordinary comments regarding Kim’s sobriety to Eden [Sassoon], I was aghast at her assertions when I viewed them shopping. It seemed retaliatory because where, when and how could she profess to have any knowledge of Kim’s well being? Her state of mind? She had spent little, if any, time with her whatsoever in the last year or so. I don’t believe anyone has the right or authority in a public forum to contest somebody’s sobriety without good reason.”

As for Kyle being an enabler to Kim’s addiction, Lisa says Rinna is way off base. Lisa questions, “The extraordinary statement that Kyle is an enabler. Now what the f— does that mean? The expression ‘enabler’ when it comes to alcoholism conjures up somebody pouring an alcoholic a drink, permitting them to do so. In my experience, and I believe I am a thousand percent more qualified to comment than LR, I have never seen anything but a supportive, albeit strained at times, relationship, and it beggars belief that LR doesn’t have a modicum of loyalty to that reality.” Hmm. Love you, LVP, but not sure I agree with that.

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When it comes to loose lips – about Kim, or anything else for that matter – Lisa thinks Rinna’s “good friend” Eileen should help reel her in. “The interesting fact here is last season I was castigated by Eileen, who droned on and on for months, about an inadvertent clumsy statement, but when it comes to LR’s vitriol she stays silent…As a friend, I would reprimand her, for being so unduly judgmental in regard to Kim. What was the word she used regarding our conversation in the Hamptons one long year ago? …Icky…Yes that’s it. Well this was super ‘icky,’ if that is a word at all.”

Moving on from the Icky that is Rinna and Eileen, Lisa reflects on her emotional scene with Max and Ken as they uncovered information about Max’s biological parents. Though Lisa was initially fearful of looking up Max’s birth parents in years past, she and Ken are fully on board with his mission now – though it is an emotional one.

Lisa confesses, “Unfortunately my emotions got the better of me. Just the paperwork and memories so deeply etched in my mind of all those years ago sent a ripple of fear and apprehension through me. I have been accused in the past of not being as vulnerable as some of the other women, as I have remained stoic in my attitude when under attack, but when it comes to things concerning matters of the heart (my children and many issues I support wholeheartedly), well tears, I suppose, are just a blink away.”

Looking forward, Lisa warns that winds of change are blowing. She muses, “Anyway, as the nation prepares for the the next 1,460 days, change is imminent. We must always stay steadfast in our resolve to be courageous and, most importantly, stand up for what we believe in. I was privileged and honored to have a page in Time Magazine predicting 2017. I think in light of what has transpired, we can safely live by the old adage ‘expect the unexpected!’ That also applies to this season.”

Well, so far RHOBH seems to be bringing us more of the same – more Rinna versus Kim, more Eileen clutching her pearls over the slightest perceived infraction, more Erika Girardi trying to make Erika Jayne happen, more Kyle pretending she doesn’t want to “get into it” with the other ladies. (Ha!) So, bring on the unexpected, already! We’re more than ready for it. Really.


Photo Credit:  John Lamparski/Getty Images