Celebrity Big Brother bingo game

Celebrity Big Brother Recap – Day 19


We join the Celebrity Big Brother house to the news that Jamie had a rude dream about Nicola.  I’m not sure why this is newsworthy, but he seems proud of himself and tells everyone so we shall too.

Chloe’s gone.  James C Stays.  Speidi is not speaking to Nicola.  It’s been an eventful evening.

So Speidi is now just Spencer being very vocal and Heidi disagreeing but not speaking up.  The pair are whispering in bed, but weirdly Spencer still has his earplugs in…..maybe that’s why he thinks he’s always right, because he can’t hear people tell him he’s not.  Good thinking.


James C is in the diary room and despite the carnage around him, and the arguing and screaming, he’s more concerned about Jedward’s chicken consumption.  Apparently they did 4 chicken breasts in one sitting the day before and then wanted to roast another that night.  Loving James’s priorities.

Jamie and Bianca are talking and Jamie is opening up to her about his situation and questions why someone like her would even want to deal with it, with kids and exes and so on.  He is being so frank and honest so it’s a perfect situation for her to fess up about the ‘boyfriend’ she has on the outside that she talks to Nicola about.  But Nada. Boo Bianca.


Next up is a game of housemate bingo.  Housemates have to stand on a numbered square for the duration of the task until their number is called.  They believe it is an endurance test but in fact, when their number is called, they exit to the house where a treat room is set up.  Jedward are picked first.  Wearing extreme eyeliner.  Distracting.

As they are first they choose who joins them.  There are drinks, party food, entertainment and special guests.  And obviously the opportunity for tactics.  However when the final housemate is chose, the party is over for everyone.

Jedward chose Speidi as first to join them.  Next up is Jessica and it’s an ideal time to form alliances and deepen divides….

Nicola has sussed out they’re choosing who goes next.  Bright little cookie.

Bianca tells everyone her dad, the famous/infamous Soccer player Paul Gascoigne is a bingo fan and loves going.  Who knew?

Treat time housemates are distracted with magicians and puppies.  It’s a 7 year old’s dream birthday.  Without the swearing.

Kim is chosen next on the basis of her age.  I don’t think she cares, she’s glad to be warm.

At this point I’m cringing as to what this alliance will plan or do.

An hour and a half later and you kind of wonder how the divide is going to be.  Very small by all accounts as they team next decide to bring in James C and Coleen, Spencer’s most disliked housemates.  Spencer is not impressed.

They enter and soon after everyone discusses bringing Nicola and Stacy in.  I say everyone.  I mean everyone bar Speidi.  Spencer realizes the hold that he thought he had on some, clearly isn’t as strong as he thought it was.  Even Kim sticks up for Nicola, against Spencer.

Stacy and Nicola get brought in, just in time for a male stripper/dancer.  Amusing, if only for the fact everyone is say round enjoying, apart from Speidi who are sat in a corner sulking.

Bianca gets chosen next and then the boys are brought in together, with the party entering before they can take advantage of the goodies.  The party is now over.


Nicola is trying to apologize to Speidi and swears that she has never said a bad word about them.  She explains she’s devastated and would never even nominate them even if she was able but Spencer throws it straight back in her face.  He is definitely over thinking things, and says that she chose Coleen for the vote because she had just seen she’d come first in the public votes and so wanted to get close to that, seeing how popular Coleen is on the outside.  To be fair, I don’t think Nicola has the thought process for that.  Heidi thanks her for the apology but Spencer doesn’t want to know.  Despite Stacy later telling Spencer that some people find him intimidating, and Heidi acting very much peacemaker, Spencer believes that people are just acting.

Later in the evening, Nicola is speaking to Jessica about it all again, but it is clear both are absolutely pie-eyed.  Nicola starts crying again, and Calum walks in, and sees her upset.  He starts to bicker with Jessica and tells her it’s not the right time, or right alcohol level to be having that sort of conversation.

Jamie is outside talking to Speidi and Nicola is inside seething.  Jamie is actually trying to smooth things over with Speidi, but Nicola doesn’t realize or doesn’t care.

Jessica and B are inside talking about the argument with Calum and he walks in.  Jess keeps going at him, and he does keep walking away, but Jessica keeps at it, telling him to tell Bianca what happened.  Calum keeps his cool, but it is a messy inebriated mess.

Both are right in their perspective- Jess sees it that Nicola needed to talk so she was helping, Calum recognizes that far too much booze is consumed to get anywhere, and Nicola wasn’t in the right had space.


Far too much Booze in the house, as Nicola is sulking and tears into Jamie for sitting with Speidi.  He tries to explain that he was trying to help, but she is having none of it, even when Coleen tells her she can’t tell him who he can speak to or not.  Nicola is having a hissy fit and there’s no stopping her.  She ends up walking off, and the program closes on another fractured house.  More joys tomorrow….

Author: Nicki M.

Photo Credit: Channel 5