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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 20 – Nominations For Eviction

It’s the joy that is Celebrity Big Brother nomination day… and the aftermath that comes with it.

After the fallout of the previous evening, Nicola chose not to sleep in her normal bed next to Speidi. Stacy speaks to Jessica and Nicola and tells them not to bring the whole Speidi thing up when they’re drinking. Also, she points out to Jessica that she is the last person that should have the conversation as she barely knows her. How long were the first batch of housemates in then???


Heidi feels bad that Nicola didn’t sleep in the bed last night and says that she wants to be more neutral towards her. Spencer isn’t for giving up yet and says Heidi can speak to her, but he won’t. Not sure it’ll be an issue then. In a similarly themed conversation outside, Stacy is asking Nicola about whether they can make some sort of peace for the sake of the house, but Nicola tells her that after the way they’ve treated her, she wants nothing to do with them. To be fair, Nicola is coming across as bad as Speidi now.

Moving on to the next drama, Kim is doing laundry and takes Stacy’s dirty stuff out of the washer to do hers. Now bear in mind, Stacy was nowhere near the washer at the time, so when she comes in and asks where it is, Kim apologies and offers to take her stuff out straightaway. Stacy says it’s fine, but Kim offers to put them both in together, but again she says its fine. All seems good, both ladies play nice, but then Stacy walks out from the store room and goes straight into the bedroom to slate her to anyone that listens.

Celebrity Big Brother

A little later, Stacy approaches Kim about the washer, and Kim points out that she knows Stacy has been stirring things around the house and tackles her about it.  They leave the relatively peaceful and empty bedroom to literally (and deliberately) have the argument in front of everyone!! Stacy even admits that she had walked out the store room fine about it, but then she simmered. This stinks of desperation for airtime, especially relocating it for an audience. The volume grew with Stacy as much as the people watching.

In the madness, Heidi approaches Nicola and they talk. Heidi puts it down to miscommunication and asks to be able to move forward. Nicola apologizes again and gets teary. Then it’s all love and hugs again.

And now to the juicy stuff. Earlier, housemates had been called to the diary room to make the nominations. They go as follows:

SpeidiColleen (calls 2 faced, closest to James C, so if they can’t get him, she’s next best) and Nicola (she betrayed them and broke their Big Brother heart)

Colleen Kim (aggressive game plan for two days and now snow white) and Jedward (says they’re quite sweet but bizarre, they won’t listen, and can be nasty)

James C –  Kim (condescending to younger housemates, doesn’t communicate) and Jedward (excessive food consumption, no considerations, and continuous performances)

JedwardStacy (screams all the time, drama queen) and Nicola (tries to start fights, causes tension, ringleader)

NicolaKim (taken a snow white pill, not forgiven for initial behavior) and Jedward (snide comments)

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JamieKim (doesn’t like her or the way she spoke to him, used personal info to hurt) and Jessica (feels awkward around her, she always wants to be involved)

JessicaStacy (turns too easily) and Jamie (made comments about her)

CalumKim (started fights but completely changed now, so confused as to real character) and Jedward (too defensive, won’t take constructive criticism)

BiancaKim (for initial behavior) and Jedward (can’t take criticism)

StacyJessica (combative, doesn’t like her coming in 10 days afterwards) and Kim (again, doesn’t like late entrance, sensitive, and washing machine argument)

KimStacy (feels like she has to walk on egg shells) and Nicola (never got on from the start, calls Nicola a liar)

Big Brother tells the housemates that every person that received at least one nomination is now up for eviction. Remember: Speidi are eternally nominated, hence no nominations, and James is eternally immune.

Kim is the last person to vote and Nicola straight away confronts her, quite aggressively, asking what she’s lied about. I think Kim is getting all the pent up feelings from the Speidi Kerfuffle. Kim, give her her due (though it pains me to say so), tries to diffuse the situation, saying it’s just her vote, they all have to do it, and she is entitled to her opinions.

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Kim is right. Everyone has to ‘take it on the chin’ but Nicola is not for letting go. She even vents to Speidi (progress or blind fury??) and is screaming and shouting. Kim starts retorting, not at the same volume but rising, telling her to “Grow up! You’re a mum, grow up!” to which Nicola replies “And you’re not, and that’s your problem! If you want to go low, I’ll go lower!”

Now this is completely uncalled for and where Nicola has really made a mistake. Kim, in her autobiography that was released, tells about in 1965, when she was a young unmarried girl, she gave birth prematurely to a still born little boy. The stigma was there at the time so she had to go through the labor by herself, and buried the little boy in a park. She had been nearly six months pregnant, and I can’t imagine how that experience must have been. This hit the papers quite a lot here, and the police even investigated, so Nicola must have known. I do hope she didn’t though, as I don’t think that’s even classed as a low blow, so much lower.

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Thankfully, Jamie gets in the middle of both women and the argument dies. We move to later in the evening and Spencer is on the wind up with Coleen. He tells her that her sister will have spent all the money last week so she’ll be out this week. Colleen gives as good as she gets, and says that he may think himself the expert gamer, but he’s got everything wrong so far. She also points out she has four sisters, two brothers, and three kids, so all’s good. Score for Colleen.

James C is in the diary room talking about how Speidi are going for people he’s close to, to try and get at him. He can’t rationalize their behavior and puts it down to professional reality people playing games, but he seems bewildered and disappointed in it.

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Outside, as if to prove a point, Spencer is telling Coleen that she’s is a better actor than her friends. She asks if he means the A list actor, and he tells her that James C hasn’t been A list since the ‘90’s. Coleen points out Game of Thrones, and Spencer loses all validity by saying that the fact his own men knifed him, shows what character he has. At this point, I look to the skies to see if I can spot dragons, seeing as apparently that show is actually real. Strange. (And no dragons).

Later, Nicola and Speidi seem to make amends and hug. Call me a cynic, I’m not sure how genuine this is, or if Spencer is playing the game. We cut to Speidi in the diary room and they (Spencer) seems to have changed targets to Coleen and James C. I’m not sure they’ll be as easy, as Nicola and Spencer may have bitten off more than he can chew. Spencer blames lapse of game play for him being nominated, and Old Speidi appears to have returned, unfortunately. Such a shame, and I hope they see sense and gain grace. They could have really turned their reputation around, and actually were doing, but it just seems to be slipping again. Only time will tell.

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