Celebrity Big Brother recap

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 23

Celebrity Big Brother recap

On Day 23 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we’re warned that this day will have the family task, where the housemates’ loyalty to the house is tested with temptation in the form of contact from their families. I have to admit this is my least favorite task every year; it’s very predictable and there’s just no time for it.

We start the day with Jessica Cunningham telling Nicola McLean that she has not one, but three boyfriends on the outside (take that Bianca Gascoigne), most of which know about the others (most?!?). Elsewhere, Jedward is doing swim aerobics in the pool; just another day then.


Celebrity Big Brother recap

Today’s shopping task is Do Not Disturb – housemates must not disturb their surroundings with the temptation of family contact. They all agree to go for gold and not give in.

First up is Kim Woodburn and Jamie O’Hara. They are put in a room with a phone box and are told Kim’s husband and Jamie’s dad will be calling to speak. Neither Kim nor Jamie answer. Money goes in the pot for the shopping and both are in tears.

Next are Bianca and Coleen Nolan, and they are put in a room filled with paintings of Coleen’s son Shane and Bianca’s mum. The real people are hidden behind two of these pictures should they choose to forfeit some of the shopping budget. Neither do and both pass their part of the task.

We move to Jessica outside in the garden. She’s by herself but mutters “you are a winner” then jumps up and down in celebration. Strange.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Jedward have challenged Heidi Pratt to a chili eating contest. Now this is genuinely funny, with them all running around with open mouths and the strangest of noises, opting for drinking water from the tap, and downing huge pots of Greek style yogurt and milk whilst Calum Best and Spencer Pratt look on laughing.

For the final part of the task, Big Brother is challenging Nicola, Jedward, Speidi, and Jessica. Nicola and Jessica have a video message from their children, whereas Speidi has a message from Spencer’s sister Stephanie, and Jedward have one from friend Tara Reid.

And this is what irritates me about this, how can a video from a friend equate to a video from someone’s child? It just doesn’t, and that’s just cruel. Not that Big Brother is known for its fairness of course, but this is just a step too far. Nicola is in pieces and Jessica is being very brave, whereas the other two do not struggle whatsoever. However none of them give in.

Afterwards, emotions are clearly heightened, and so Nicola confronts a Jedward asking what he’s up to, like a naughty child. She’s really suspicious. Even if he had been planning something, he had not actually done anything wrong. Nicola is quite harsh (how very unlike her!).

Celebrity Big Brother recap

We cut to the chase, and John asks if Nicola has changed her eye makeup today. She takes it as a passive aggressive dig and says that she has cried it off. She starts having a go at him again. We get another bicker, and it’s the same old, same old.  Calum ends up trying to keep the peace, and taking Jedward out of the way, saying it has been a long emotional day. Here’s hoping they don’t get booze.

We discover that Kim’s second husband proposed whilst doing the deed. I could have lived without knowing that, to be fair. Meanwhile, Nicola’s in the diary room slating Jedward. The camera should have stuck with Kim’s husband. It’s 10:02 PM, and Bianca and Jamie are joining in the chili eating contest. Bianca wins and Jamie picks his masculinity up at the door.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the result of the shopping task. Housemates have passed and they have music played in the house. James Cosmo has none of it and retires to the garden. Kim sits on the sofa, watching everyone dance, and it’s a stand out happy moment in the house.

Jessica is drunk and hiccuping. She’s on the sofa and over hears Speidi and Nicola discuss her chance of winning and Heidi saying she’d be lucky to come in 6th. Nice. Jamie and Bianca are in bed, and by the noises, it appears they’ve made up.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Coleen is talking to Big Brother about her marriage problems. She tells BB that her marriage is in big trouble but this experience has made her miss her husband but also that she is strong enough to get through it, whatever happens. Seeing her so honest and vulnerable is actually pretty touching.

It’s getting close to bedtime. Calum is in bed. Spencer comments that this is the 2nd night in a row that he’s been sober and Calum explains that he’s been feeling ill for the last couple of days and trying to not to show it. Speidi have been drinking and so make a couple of irritating comments but Calum keeps his cool and ignores until Speidi get called to the diary room. They tell Big Brother that the tensions will start in final week, and that they are coming for James C. Not genuine the other night then, eh?

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