Erika Girardi Says Eden Sassoon Seems "Determined To Find A Problem With Kim's Sobriety"

Erika Girardi Says Eden Sassoon Seems “Determined To Find A Problem With Kim’s Sobriety”

Yet another Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast member is weighing in on newcomer Eden Sassoon’s behavior of late, and the same theme continues: Eden, shut thy pie hole! Erika Girardi admonishes Eden for being so invested in questions regarding Kim Richards’ sobriety (questions that were, remember, raised by none other than Kim’s long time nemesis, Lisa Rinna).

In her blog, Erika wonders why Eden is so invested in Kim’s sobriety (or lack thereof) anyway? But first, she gushes about the fab time she and Kyle Richards had in Mykonos. During the trip Erika says she was “thrilled to have Kyle here with me. I’m happy that she and I were able to have dinner by the beach before the show madness began. I enjoy Kyle’s company, and I find her very easy to relate to. She’s both a mother and a business woman, and it’s nice to feel that mutual support.”


Back home on the mean streets of Beverly Hills, Eileen Davidson and Lisa R were hazing taking Dorit Kemsley out for an awkward rollerblading playdate. Erika writes, “Rollerblades are old school—I love that they did that. Dorit’s a good sport because finding balance on those things is not easy. It was very sweet of them to call and wish me well with my show in Mykonos. I’m happy to see them getting along.”

Moving on to Eden, Erika chastises, “Eden has a lot to say about the way Kim Richards is dealing with her sobriety. To call Kyle an ‘enabler’ seems like an unfair judgment considering Eden is just getting to know these sisters and does not know their entire history. We see Kim doing well, and I think we should take her at her word. We see Kyle doing her best to support her sister, and I think we should respect that.”

Wait – so, no harsh words for Rinna? SHE was the one who initially dubbed Kyle an “enabler,” right? What gives!?

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Back to reminiscing about Mykonos, Erika recalls, “Now it’s showtime in Mykonos! It’s 3:30 in the morning, there are 30,000 people in the audience, and I’m climbing up the side of a cliff in a onesie and Chanel boots. Now this is a show. Once I get up on that stage, the energy of that audience blew me away. I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t think of a better way to debut my single “XXPENSIVE” than performing by the beach in Mykonos in front of this amazing crowd. What a magical experience.”

But the highlight of the trip may have been Kyle sliding into that Erika Jayne-approved swimsuit for a totally not impromptu photo shoot. “Kyle stripping down to her swimsuit and joining me for a sunrise photo shoot was amazing. That’s why I love this girl – she’s down for anything. That night was the perfect way to end this incredible trip. We have to do this again!”

Back in the States at PK Kemsley’s birthday party, Erika wonders why, again, Eden felt it necessary to comment on Kim’s state of mind. She blogs, “Eden is studying Kim Richards’ every move. She seems so determined to find a problem with Kim’s sobriety. ‘She’s gonna reach for that drink and goodbye’? Why, because she feels anxious over the birth of her grandson? Surely Kim is not the first person to feel anxious over childbirth. It’s nerve wracking for the entire family. Eden says she wants to help, but this approach feels like it’s going to end up hurting more than helping.” Agreed.

Well, at least Boy George saved the day! Although Erika might not remember the exact words to Karma Chameleon, she was jazzed to see Culture Club at PK’s shindig! “I think we were all blown away when the curtains opened up. I’ve always loved Boy George, so this was really cool. Great party, Dorit. Happy Birthday, PK!”


Photo Credit: Bravo