Lisa Vanderpump Says A “Tiny Bird” Is Planting Rumors In Eden Sassoon’s Ear; Remains Loyal To Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump thinks a tiny bird with a tiny baggie has been stirring up a potent brew of trouble on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills… and she can’t help but wonder why?

Using her weekly blog to, as she says, “dissect these complicated dynamics,” Lisa is confused about why Eden Sassoon has Kim Richards‘ sobriety (or lack thereof) so on her radar. “For the life of me, I cannot comprehend how this story is so rapidly progressing in a direction I didn’t predict… How can one diagnose another individual after a fleeting interaction? ” Lisa muses.


“Something that baffles me is the notion that anyone is authorized to speculate in a public domain. They are obviously disregarding the ramifications, the ripple effect as loved ones view these statements on somebody’s welfare,” chides Lisa. “Somebody being Kim, who has struggled publicly and endured much criticism as she has battled demons and desperately tried to overcome this insidious disease for the sake of herself and family.”

When Lisa invited Eden to tea, she was “blissfully unaware” of Eden’s previous conversation with Lisa Rinna, and therefore totally unprepared for Eden to label Kyle Richards as an enabler. “…an opinion deduced from what exactly?” asks Lisa. “Well, maybe we will be enlightened as to her findings later.”

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Kyle had mentioned that Eden seemed to be a little invasive, questioning her in regard to an ‘alcoholic gene,’ feeling that there was no basis for her inquisitiveness, as they barely knew each other,” continues Lisa. “I believe I was unaware that LR was present as Eden interrogated her but sat silently.”

“I was curious about Eden and welcomed her to our group. We had an interesting conversation until it turned to Kyle.”

“Loyalty,” declares LVP, “is of paramount importance to me so, yes, I was vociferous in my defense of Kyle, and I speak from a position of strength. My strength is a direct result of witnessing Kyle do her utmost to deal with a complicated sibling relationship, a relationship, albeit extraordinarily convoluted, and often perplexing, but supportive nonetheless, and enabling has never entered this equation, and I remain stalwart in my defense of that notion.”

“I ask you this: Is Eden’s perception and judgement of Kim Richards formed from the brief amount of time at two social situations? Or is it a judgement that has been brewed, construed by an interference from a person who has an axe to grind?”

Lisa admits she “briefly entertained” the idea that Eden “who had lost her sister, struggled with sobriety herself and had obviously copious amounts of experience regarding alcoholism, was seeing something others weren’t, in regard to Kim? I was briefly confused as to how much credence her opinion warranted. I have little experience when it comes to these matters. I wondered if her own path might have given her more insight than I was capable of.”

“I soon dismissed that and rightfully so,” writes Lisa. “You will see.”

Regarding Lipsa’s baggie of pills, LVP also dismissed that. And citing how quickly she caught on to Dorit Kemsley‘s attempt to conceal something behind black curtains, Lisa also quickly caught on to something brewing with regards to Eden and Kim. “I am more astute and perceptive maybe than some, and if there is bullsh–, I can smell it from a distance, regardless of the sugar coating it is covered in.”

“That is why it is my conclusion that a little tiny bird might be fluttering around Miss Sassoon‘s ear, tweeting an opinion that is a result of a grudge that has festered over the last couple of years. We will see, and just as the black curtain was pulled back, we will also see a greater reveal soon.”

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On a more positive note, Lisa loved seeing Erika Jayne “fulfilling her dreams” in Mykonos.

My turn: I don’t know what Lipsa’s motives are for discussing Kim, and I don’t believe it’s a long-harbored vendetta. I think she’s just a gossip. Whatever the case I wish it would stop because really, this again? I think Bravo could give Eden and Lipsa something better to do. That said, I refuse to engage in the poor whittle tortured Kim nonsense. That woman has done and said horrible and atrocious things, and while I feel for her battle with sobriety, I am not about to cut her slack and excuse all her past wrongs. Sorry, guys!


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