Celebrity Big Brother recap

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 24 & Day 25

It’s Day 24 and time for a double eviction on Celebrity Big Brother.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt, John and Edward Grimes, Bianca Gascoigne, Jessica Cunningham, and Kim Woodburn will face the public eviction.

Bianca and Jamie O’Hara are friends again, so Jedward decide to do a sex education class for them, using an ornamental brass banana and a condom. It’s like having a five year old tell you the facts of life. Jamie tells them he ‘don’t use them’ – words fail me. Calum Best and Nicole McLean are not amused. Same can be said for Jamie and Bianca. Jedward only seem to come to the forefront when they’re irritating. Like a child trying to get attention. They follow this by asking Kim if she’s ever ‘had fun’ on a kitchen table. Again, like a child when they learn something rude that they perceive to be funny. Someone vote them out and put us out of our misery.


Later on, Jedward take control of the shopping list, and Nicola decides to relieve them of their duties. Can’t blame her, they could end up with anything. All this attention on Jedward… someone knows it’s eviction night… and it’s something that hasn’t got past Calum Best, when he discusses them in the diary room. It’s like a tag team, say something to one, and the other answers. However, judging by the sounds from the live audience at the show, the boys do seem to have quite a few fans.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Big Brother decides to set a bread task. Housemates are split into two teams, then they have to enter a room filled with bread and answer a question, where the answer will be written on a loaf of bread. Who thinks of these things? Basically involves throwing a bazillion loaves of bread about. We learn that Jedward brought 74 jackets into the house. I don’t even own 74 jackets, although I do know someone in real life that is getting close. #justsaying

Blue team wins and receive a treat.

Now the footage from the night before the eviction is shown, and we flash to a Jedward, whichever one it may be, spray painting his name on the bathroom mirrors with shaving foam. I remind you again, this boy is 25. Comedy moment of the program is when he sees Nicola walking towards the bathroom and genuinely poops himself and tries to scrub it out fast. Nicola doesn’t react and just asks about dinner, before she and Coleen note that it’s the night before eviction, hence the behavior.

Later in the night, Big Brother is playing some of the winning teams favorite songs into the house. Jamie and Bianca are getting a bit too close. Nicola pulls Bianca into the toilet just to remind her that they are in Big Brother and maybe slow it down a little. She genuinely does seem to be looking out for her, but to little avail, as they wander to the snug (like there’s no cameras in there). Clearly, they feel awkward getting jiggy in front of their housemates but not in front of the millions of TV viewers, including their mums…..am I getting old? I feel old. This program makes me feel old.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Calum and Nicola are in the kitchen discussing Jamie and Bianca, and Calum is of firm opinion that it’s a showmance and fake for the cameras. Nicola seems shocked, and the consensus seems that Bianca is probably more genuine than Jamie, but Calum still thinks it’s fake. At 2 AM, Jedward decide to turn the kitchen floor into a slide with bubbles and water. I repeat, 25 years old, but hey, it’s the eviction night footage so anytime is screen time.

We cut to the first eviction of the night, and Jessica is the one to lose her place. Nothing of note comes out in the interview, bar her thoughts that Kim entered the house playing the game initially but then calmed down to a nice person afterwards, and that she’s not convinced that Jamie is as into Bianca as he makes out.

We move to the second part of the program and find out that Bianca and Jedward have been saved. The second eviction is now between Kim and Speidi.

Speidi ‘lose’ and run out of the house. Got to say, their exit interview was so good, and they really gave a positive reflection of themselves. They came across genuine and humble and put themselves so much higher in my estimation. They tell that they got on with everyone, which made it harder to play the game, and admit they didn’t go after people as they liked them so much. This series has definitely done them favors in public perception, and they have come out with a lot more fans than they went in with. They will definitely be missed.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Day 25 on Celebrity Big Brother, and the (pre-double eviction) housemates are gathered on the sofas for the day’s task. They are asked to come to a collective decision about which housemates they think are the weakest.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt volunteer to be the weakest. Big Brother has letters from home, and whilst the other housemates are sent to the snug unaware of the letters, Speidi as the weakest are first to receive theirs. Spencer pretends to be emotional and cry at opening, but opening the letter has come at a price. As they read their letter, they have to nominate another housemates’ letter, to destroy. They choose Kim Woodburn. They have to cut up the letter in front of her, and Kim then has to choose the housemate to receive the next letter. Jessica Cunningham receives a letter from her big sister.

As Jessica as received a letter, she has to choose one to destroy. She chooses Calum Best, as he had his mum in the house for two weeks and has no kids. Jessica starts to cut hers up with his, in a show of solidarity, but Calum tells her to not be silly, and he’s fine. Calum chooses Nicola McLean to receive her letter. She gets a letter from her sister (not her husband?).  She then has to choose whose letter to destroy. She picks Jedward, and says it’s not out of meanness, but out of their ability to cope. Jedward then have to pick one to save, and Coleen Nolan is chosen. She receives a letter from her son, who tells her that he is changing his surname from his dads to hers. She understandably gets emotional, and it’s a lovely moment.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Coleen then has to choose the letter to be destroyed and her options are a lot more limited. She chooses James Cosmo. He walks in to the house unaware of what has happened. Coleen is sobbing. James is confused but then tells her not to worry. He does his commander voice again (never can get enough of that) and makes a joke so all good. As there’s only Jamie O’Hara and Bianca Gascoigne left, he has to chose which gets the letter, and he chooses Jamie, so he can have news from his kids. He gets his letter from his Dad, who says that he has not been able to see Jamie’s kids since he has been in the house, alluding to problems with the ex-wife on the outside. Bianca’s letter is destroyed.

We move to later in the day and most housemates are in the bedroom. Jedward opens the door to the toilet to go in, but Nicola is in there, getting changed. They apologize and shut the door, and she comes out telling them they need to start knocking. She is quite calm about it but they start arguing back, to the point Calum gets involved, telling them, that’s all they need to do, apologize for walking in, and try to remember to knock. Jedward eye rolls and we see the start of the boys game plan. The boys take it to the diary room with some sly shade too.

We move to after Day 24’s double eviction, and most of the housemates are in the garden, toasting to Speidi. Oh, and Jessica, as a bit of an afterthought. Kim is the only one happy.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa for face-to-face nominations:

Bianca – Jedward (snide comments and targeted her as easy option) and Kim (purely on first impressions based on her entrance)

Calum – Kim (came in the house late) and Jedward (create awkward animosity in the house)

Coleen – Jedward (gets frustrated with them) and Kim (based on entrance)

Calum – Jedward (saw the start of a campaign against Speidi) and Kim (danger in the final)

Jamie – Kim (based on entrance and fakeness afterwards) and Jedward (here to play the game and for air time)

Jedward – Nicola (tries to have arguments and cut up her letter) and Calum (wanted him to feel full Big Brother experience, hypocrite)

Kim – Nicola (wont get on with her) and Jamie (merely puts up with her instead of put on with her)

Nicola – Kim (brought up kids and called her a liar) and Jedward (can’t put up with her shit, passive aggressive with Speidi)

Up for eviction are Jedward, Kim, Nicola, Jamie, and Calum (basically all that received a vote). Jedward start arguing straight-away. Calum jumps in to try and keep the peace. He tells them they need to respect the vote and process. They’re not happy.

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Jedward (one of them) is sore. He tries to call out Calum, who is having nothing to do with it, and then says he will start being everything that people say he is. He starts by calling Nicola a dumb blonde, saying the house says he has makes snide remarks, so that’s one, and says he is going to tell Big Brother over her and the lies that are being said. Mature boys, real mature.

Jedward start on Nicola, walking up to her in a manner she’s not happy with. She asks why he’s approaching her like that, and they start arguing. James C walks over to keep an eye on the situation, and Calum joins him, telling him he has this, and trying to calm the situation again. A Jedward (no idea which one, almost wish I did, almost) says she’s a mean girl, trouble maker, drama queen, yar di yar. James C tries to gently say that it was just the way he walked up and said from his point of view, it did look intimidating. Now, the camera angle was bad for this, probably deliberately, so hard to say. I’m sure if Big Brother wanted to make a thing of it, there were better angles, but James C’s word is good enough for me, so another reason to be annoyed at the Jedward. The fact that the other one isn’t getting involved seems to me that it is either true or had been planned. I know if it were my sibling being accused of something they didn’t do, I would be straight there.

Calum tries to explain and keep things calm, but gets told by the twin, “Calum, I get it, you’re trying to save the day like a hero,” to which he days, “No, I’m not trying to save the day, but I am a gentleman.” True Dat.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Yet again, Jedward cannot hear criticism and the one that is involved says that he can’t hear all these lies about himself, and starts on Nicola, Calum, and pretty much anyone else, whilst his twin watches on. Has anyone else noticed Calum’s veins show in his neck when he’s annoyed? If not, now is the time to check, cos this chap’s p*ssed.

Calum is trying to calm things, but the Jedward has an audience and there’s no stopping them. Calum gives up and walks off. Good call.

Later, Calum is off loading in the garden about he argument. We find out the Jedward was John. Should have known, I find Edward slightly more bearable. John is saying he can’t be big headed as he hasn’t changed his bed sheets for six months. I’m not entirely sure what that has to do with anything. That’s not being not big headed, that’s just dirty. He then ends up saying that there are too many nothings in a house with somethings.  Seriously, this guy believes this?

Calum is in the diary room venting. He, too, identifies John as the ringleader. When he joins Nicola, Jamie, and Bianca for a late night drink, he seems itching for a bitching. Calum is clearly still on one after the argument, and starts downing drinks and bickering with them all. Calum puts himself outside by himself on the naughty step. Again, he was being an a*se, but at least he recognized it and removed himself. And to be fair, I think Jedward could bring the worst out in anybody… he did well to last so long.

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