Eden confronts Kyle about Kim

Eden Sassoon is getting a rough start to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills courtesy of taking on the Twisted Sisters Richards. Apparently she didn’t know better! However, Eden is now officially “done” trying to help, and she’s also done trying to protect Lisa Rinna‘s meddling. So it seems like next week we get a whole lot less #Peace #Love #Zen from Eden…

First, Eden complains that she’s “STILL trying to get these women to understand me. #NoOneCares” and she insists, “I have a lot in common with the ladies, but no one sees it yet.”

In her blog, Eden defends herself and blames Lipsa-caused confusion for why she got so invested in Kim Richards avowed sobriety and Kyle’s enabling. “I can’t even comment on the Kim and Kyle situation anymore. They should ask their friends how this started! I’m just done. But believe me, I hear Vanderpump! I have mad respect for her and point taken! And Vanderpump is a smart woman. She’ll get to the bottom of this!”


Backtracking a bit, Eden decided to “come clean” to Kyle during the BBQ because, “talking behind people’s backs gets them nowhere.” Eden expected Lipsa to voice her concerns as well. “I would have appreciated my ‘friend’ Rinna supporting me in the conversation I was having with Kyle at her BBQ considering she’s the one who started this. Kyle’s right on one thing… this is bullsh–. #DogSh–”

After the BBQ mess, Eden again tried to explain herself at Kyle’s Gatsby get together, which was predictably another fail. “Boy did Kyle’s party live up to the reputation of the era. There was an excess of everything, especially drama,” writes Eden in her Bravo blog.

Again Pointing the fingers to Lipsa, Eden laments, “I’m glad the two Muppets (good one, PK) were off having a grand ole time doing the Charleston while I’m fighting the front line ALONE. Keep running, Rinna. #YouCanRunButYouCantHide

Eden in turn praises Camille Grammer for “seeing the truth in me and seeing I care!” and letting Kim know that Eden didn’t have bad intentions. She also thanks LVP for “telling Kyle the truth” in next week’s episode. “It’s time these woman wake the f— up!”

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Eden shares more about her life and RHOBH drama to AfterBuzz TV.

So how did she come to join RHOBH? She’s a close friend of Josh Flagg! “He was like, look, you’re friends with Rinna. You know these women. I’m like, I don’t know these women. He goes, Eden, no. They need you.”

Despite having relationships with some of the women, Eden maintains that her drama with Kim was authentic, not producer driven. “They really want me to be myself. This whole thing, it was not made up. I mean you cannot write this at all.”

Part of Eden’s concerns for Kim were because she misperceived wariness for unkindness. Explaining, “I will stand true to what I think, and I think that Kim’s behavior to me just wasn’t kind, and no one sees it for that. I don’t know, maybe because of for the last however many seasons what they’ve been doing. But I’m here and I’m here now and this is what’s been happening.”

Despite being new to RHOBH, Eden does actually have a history with reality TV. Kinda. She has done TWO previous shows which never made it onto the air. Oops. “It was about me and five of my friends who were keeping me together. I had just got a divorce, had my business, had two kids,” Eden shares. “So then we did another one that went to E! and this and that. Then when I was dating Jesse McCartney they were like, let’s do the Eden and Jesse Show. I’m like, no, let’s not do the Eden and Jesse Show.”

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While Eden is hopeful her issues with Kim are over, she reveals drama with herself and Dorit Kemsley is coming! Eden blames it on Dorit twisting her words. “I can’t be present knowing all the things I just said without owning up to it. But yet she spins it out and comes after me? OK, that’s something you need to check yourself on. You’re a mom of two, so if that’s behavior that you want to carry on, by all means do it. But that’s not what I do.”

There will also be more interest in Lipsa’s magical baggy of pills as the medical detectives turn on her for a change! “Look, these ladies, in the end, need to work out some of their stuff,” hints Eden, “and the Xanax thing comes back around and it has to be figured out.”

In other news, Eden has a new show in the works, airing on Maria Menounos‘ AfterBuzz TV network in March. Eden is working with Dionne Warwick‘s son Damon Elliot to find “real people dong real things and being really present here and now.”

“That’s the topic,” she says, “and then talking about people who are struggling and getting to the bottom of whatever it is.” Uhhh, well, ummm. OK. So was Kim Richards like Eden’s practice subject or something?


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