Dorit Kemsley & Jenny McCarthy

Newbie Dorit Kemsley is already making quite a splash on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. I like her and I don’t. I like her spunk, her refusal to back down, the way she jumps all in with the women, and the candor in her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump.

Dorit recently chatted with Jenny McCarthy about her Real Housewives experiences, how producers editing play into the story lines, and who’s this season’s baddest bitch.

Dorit confirms that “absolutely” producers encourage the women to keep certain story lines going but, elaborates, “They don’t really make you rehash – that’s not necessarily true. I mean they do want us to [resolve], but sometimes things are resolved and then some people will like to rehash it on their own accord. It really is of their own accord sometimes. And it just goes on and on and on and on to a point where you really want to shoot yourself.” (Ahem Eileen!)


Dorit doesn’t really understand this “trait” of Eileen Davidson‘s. “I don’t really know, and I don’t really know her that well, but everybody knows her to be that way; all the producers, all the women… I mean, there’s a lot of resolve that she needs. It sort of sometimes continues to overflow.”

“I felt so many different things throughout the season,” continues Dorit. “And then when I started watching the show, and I would see, even the way they edit it, or the way they get a certain snippet, or a joke – there’s like a part of a joke that you hear and not the rest. And it’s like ‘Wait a minute! That actually has an ending [laughs]. You only gave the beginning!’ But I think ultimately you see who people are. There’s enough episodes in the season where you get a real understanding of who this person is, and if they’re a good person you see it comes through. I don’t really think there’s anyone who’s a villain per se. Villain qualities…”

Dorit admits that “basically everyday” she’s had some regrets about signing her life away to Real Housewives. “I mean it is tough! It was very difficult. It was difficult because I really didn’t know what I was going into. Somewhat, I had to veer away from my comfort zones – you know, my husband and my children – and do some things on my own. And then you’re with a group of women where, you know, you feel like you have to be on guard. So it was difficult, it was, but I enjoyed it.”

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Naturally, pantygate was discussed. Dorit thinks it only became a big deal because “that’s what the show was focusing on,” but it taught her a very valuable lesson about how things work around these reality TV parts!

“I certainly learned very early on in the show the point that, you say something; it’s out there. It’s free game, and that is the mistake. And I certainly wouldn’t do that again, I can tell you that.”

Dorit, again, insists she gave Erika the panties as a joke, believing Erika would get it, “I really do believe that all the women know that.” She feels the the women encouraged her to give Erika panties to create a situation for the show. “It’s a bit of drama and so on, and they’re not front and center. It’s nice to be in the ‘audience’ looking at the show, if you will.”

Dorit insists, “It wasn’t designed to be going behind [Erika’s] back,” she just didn’t see her for a while after the flashing happened, but in between, she did see the other women. In some behind the scenes gossip, Dorit implies that it was the other women who put it into Erika’s head that Dorit had malicious intent. After handing Erika the panties, she recalls, “I left the room to use the restroom, and when I came back all the women were chatting, and she just had this look of death on her face.”

Still, she’s not sorry if her humor or comments bother people. “I can’t keep myself closed. The things that come out of my mouth, they just come out of my mouth, Jenny! But I’ll always be honest,” Dorit laughs.

The same goes for her accent: “I am who I am; I speak the way I speak.” Dorit spent 10 years living in Italy, is married to a Brit, and despite being raised in Connecticut, her parents are Israeli. “I think it’s just an international blend to be honest with you.”

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Dorit also shared an update on her children. Her son Jagger is starting to speak, and “trust me,” she jokes, “he does not sound like an American! But he’s doing really great. He’s flourishing.” Her daughter Phoenix is nearly one and almost walking. “They’re everything for me!” she gushes. She’s adamant that having 3 trillion nannies is necessary for her “very busy household.”

“I’m very hands-on,” Dorit insists. “And I’m very lucky, I’m very grateful that I’m able to afford help. I don’t have my parents around, I don’t have any family close by, and working moms need help.”

Dorit also says the situation with Boy George is genuine. “When he’s in L.A. he’s with us. He goes back and forth between London and L.A. Is my 112th nanny! He’s very involved with the children.”


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