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Bethenny Frankel Moving AGAIN; Plus, Jules Wainstein Selling Her Townhome

Apartment drama continues for the ladies of Real Housewives Of New York, past and present. Bethenny Frankel is on the move – yet again – while Jules Wainstein continues to fight her ex Michael for money and property.

Of all the things RHONY has taught me it’s that one should never invest in property with a significant other. After separating from Jason Hoppy, Bethenny moved into a Skinny Girl decorated pad in SoHo, but barely two years later, she’s listing it for $5.25.


Bethenny’s experiencing something of a real estate boon! Last year after a protracted legal battle, Bethenny unloaded the Tribeca apartment she once shared with Jason for nearly $7 million once she finally managed to finagle his grimy fingers off the deed. You might think after all of that Bethenny would be ready to settle down!

Bethenny explains that she was never really that attached to the SoHo home she custom-designed from scratch.”When I bought the apartment, I was in a situation where I really needed to buy something. It was a time when I needed to get some stability for Bryn and myself and I needed a home for us.”

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After paying $4 million for the home, Bethenny now says it has served its purpose and she’d “like a bigger place.” Is that because Bethenny has ever-faithful Dennis Shields in her life? The two were rumored to be looking at apartments together a few months ago.

More square-footage isn’t the only reason Bethenny is constantly on the move – she may venture in to real estate investment. “I have been doing really well in real estate and I’ve got the bug,” she tells People.

“When buying, I think, ‘Would I like to live here?’ and also, ‘Is it also a good investment?’ I adopt these properties, and give them some love,” Bethenny adds. “I never bought the apartment with the intention of living there permanently. I added value. Now I’ll find another place to do the same thing to.”

Whatever she buys next, Bethenny plans to stay downtown near Bryn’s school, and looks forward to doing another full renovation. Well, I guess she won’t be giving Jason her newest address!

In other news – Jules’s divorce continues to be at an impasse over finances and living arrangements. Jules and her husband Michael are co-habitating in their three-story Grammercy Park town-home, with the agreement that Michael will cover the rent. Unfortunately he’s not doing that (or staying current on child support) and Jules was served an eviction notice – from a townhouse it turns out that Jules actually owns. (I believe it has to do with co-op payments or building dues, not so much actual rent).

In lieu of having Michael placed in contempt of court for non-payment of child support and other obligations, Jules, through her attorney, requested permission to sell the home for money. And presumably to get out from under the same roof as Michael.

“Since it’s her name on the apartment, she should be allowed to sell it,” her attorney argued. “They’re going to be deeper in the hole in four or five months and her credit will be ruined.” The judge agreed – granting Jules permission to list the pad and move on – literally.

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Unsurprisingly Michael is unhappy with that determination and complains that Jules wouldn’t be so destitute if she quit partying and found a job. This from the man who did not pay his kids’ tuition so he could take flying lessons… And, according to his attorney, seems to be stalking his ex-wife’s Instagram.

The NY Daily News reports that the couple will share proceeds from the sale, with the breakdown of who gets what being determined at a later date. Since Jules used Bethenny’s divorce attorney, maybe Jules ought to use her real estate agent, too, and call Fredrik Eklund.


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