Eden Sassoon

I can’t decide if I actually like Eden Sassoon or not. I have wracked my mind trying to figure this out. Obviously, I have no life, but I know I’m not the only one who’s super invested in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At the very least, I am not so invested in other people’s lives that I am meddling and throwing out accusations – cough, cough, Eden.

Unfortunately for Kyle Richards, she doesn’t get to watch the video footage that the viewers have seen of Lisa Rinna feeding Eden with “alternative facts” about Kyle’s relationship with Kim Richards. Kyle has had to piece this puzzle together on her own and use her personal judgment to figure out who said what when it comes to those enabling accusations that Eden has been spreading. Yes, we all know she got that version of the story straight from Rinna, but at this point in the episodes, Kyle is trying to figure things out, Eden is trying to explain where she’s coming from, and Rinna is doing her best to pretend that she has Alzheimer’s.


It’s so tough trying to tell where Eden is coming from. She does seem to have a strong passion for sobriety and people who have struggled with substance issues, but with that said, it also seems like she has had zero consideration and sensitivity when it comes to her approach toward Kyle and Kim. I get that she was operating from a perspective that Rinna’s story was actually truthful, but still I figured a sober woman would act with a lot more tact if she had concerns about Kim.

Now that Rinna’s lies are starting to unravel, it’s hard to say who is “more at fault” for this mess, but Eden is doing her best to defend her antics in her most recent Bravo blog.

Eden began, “You guys have seen it over and over again for weeks now: I do not make sh– up! I am always willing to own my actions and my #truth.”

Yes, but that’s not even the issue anymore. Eden’s perspective is very clear to the viewers, but I think most people would agree that she went way too far by interjecting her opinions and inserting herself into Kim and Kyle’s relationship with such force. Maybe her heart was in the right place, which is still very much debatable, but her delivery was ALL wrong.

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Eden mused, “Last week, I owned up to the fact that I am powerless over Kim and Kyle and that situation.” Are we supposed to congratulate her for FINALLY realizing that a family situation for two women that she just met is actually none of her business and that she has zero insight to bring to the table? If that’s the case, then props to her… I guess.

Eden continued to pat herself on the back for not lying: “This week I don’t deny that I went to [Lisa] Vanderpump, and I explain to Rinna why I did. Now, it’s time for Rinna to own her truth.” That last part is definitely true. Rinna needs to cut the crap. There’s no way a person can just forget saying another human being is “close to death,” especially when Rinna has been well aware that Eden has been spreading this around and stirring it up for weeks.

“I feel like after this episode we are one step closer to everyone knowing what actually happened that day Rinna and I went shopping,” continued Eden. “But the fact that I had to ‘remind’ Lisa of what she said is crazy. #UnderTheBus.” Preach.

It was super awkward to watch the two biggest villains of the season discuss that now-infamous shopping conversation. Eden wrote, “It wasn’t the easiest conversation to have with Rinna, because like she said, we did go deep with each other very quickly, and we very much enjoy each other’s company.” Well yeah, you enjoy each other’s company and this weird symbiotic relationship to get more screen time based on mentioning Kim Richards whenever possible.

Eden added, “But when I have a ‘friend’ who is telling the other women that I am the one saying these nasty things, it’s just not okay. I am ready to sit down as a group and talk face to face about what happened. #ReckoningDay” Yeah, Rinna has told way too many lies on camera, especially since Kyle is supported by Vanderpump’s vendetta against Rinna. She is a dead woman and needs to start groveling and rocking one of those Agency dad hats if she ever wants to get back in Kyle’s good graces.

Eden seems to be totally clueless though. Yes, she was acting based on the story that Rinna told her, but even if that was all true, she was still WAY OUT OF LINE. She explained her determination to win over Kyle: “I truly hope that Kyle finally understands me after having that group discussion, because she still has SO many doubts about me.”

Eden also had the audacity to say that she wasn’t overdoing it with the Richards sisters gossip sessions. “Saying that I am obsessed with her and Kim and that I am actually the one crying out for help… that’s just not true. I have worked very hard to not be the one crying out for help!” Eden may not be “crying out for help,” but she is definitely crying out for camera time. Unfortunately for her, that comes with a lot of hate.

After talking about how cute Dorit Kemsley’s kids are, which I cannot disagree with her on, Eden decided to question Dorit for questioning Lisa Rinna’s infamous ziploc bag full of pills. “I was definitely confused when she seemed to imply that Rinna had a pill problem. I didn’t quite understand what she was trying to do there.  #KeepingMyMouthShut”

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Aside from stirring the pot, Eden also talked about her experience on the dating apps during the last episode, “London guy, my kindred spirit, is hot and we have amazing conversation, and who knows? One day, maybe, we are meant to be… but for now, just let me have some fun! #HesGunnaGetF—ed”

Eden also rationalized that Kyle scoffing in response to her dating stories means a lot more than it actually does. She wrote, “It did show that KYLE CARES! A little. There is a little spot in her heart saying, ‘I might like Eden.’ Hopefully we have time to make that little spot bigger!”

I really doubt that’s what Kyle was thinking. If anything, maybe she was a little bit happy by Eden providing some salacious fodder to Kyle’s show as the token single lady in the cast, but that scene didn’t entertain me too much as I was still seething from Eden’s previous antics.

Eden teased, “Note To Self: Just wait until they get to know the real me… #WILD” Why can’t Eden just be the good person that she claims to be instead of telling us all to wait and see. So far no one is into it.


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