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It’s so hard to know what’s really going on with Phaedra Parks these days. Her divorce status with Apollo Nida is weirdly unclear. And when it comes to the social circle on Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s low key instigating drama by gossiping about her former bestie Kandi Burruss sleeping with Shamea Morton while her current bestie Porsha Williams takes the heat from Kandi.

Unlike when Phaedra was dead silent while Marlo Hampton brought the undercover lesbian accusations to light during the glamping trip, Phaedra is actually talking when it comes to her divorce and the Porsha vs. Kandi feud.


Phaedra discussed the major things that went down during the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta in her Bravo blog.

Phaedra wrote, “I had mixed emotions, as no one ever marries with the anticipation of getting a divorce. While I was relieved that the divorce proceedings were finally over, I also felt sad for our sons. Boys need strong male role models, and fathers are usually their son’s first superhero.”

Love her or hate her, it is definitely admirable how Phaedra always tries to be on good terms with Apollo for the sake of their two sons. She emphasized, “I am hopeful that my former husband and I can work together to make sure we always do what is in the best interest of our children.”

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In far less pressing matters, Phaedra has somehow escaped blame for being the one who actually started the Kandi hooking up with Shamea rumor. Instead, her girl Porsha has taken sole responsibility and had the most intense meal with Kandi to “discuss” the accusations. About her current best friend meeting up with her former best friend, Phaedra said, “It was painful and embarrassing to watch the exchange between Kandi and Porsha.” I agree – it got out of control real quick.

Obviously, Phaedra is #TeamPorsha since Phaedra hates Kandi these days. Not to mention, Porsha is conveniently taking a lot of the heat off of Phaedra.

Phaedra compared their meeting to her own confrontation with Kandi: “It was reminiscent of my sit down with Kandi minus the blazing and continuous vulgarities.” I could see why. Both meetings involved two women screaming at each other, neglecting to order food at a restaurant, and accusations of questionable behavior.

I could not help laughing when Phaedra declared, “I know Porsha went to the meeting anticipating a peaceful resolution.”

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Really? There are a lot of positive adjectives to describe Porsha Williams but the word “peaceful” has never come to mind. What could be deemed peaceful about a woman who spread rumors about someone having an affair? Which Porsha did about Kandi with Shamea and when she said that Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker thots around under the alias “Marvin.” I really didn’t see Porsha looking for any sort of resolve there.

Phaedra continued preaching, “While it is always aspirational to think people want resolution, many times unbridled anger and the desire to always win at any cost prevents peace from prevailing.” This could be true for some people, but that is not how I would describe Porsha that day. That “discussion” was a shit show and half – to put it mildly.


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