POrsha makes accusations about Kandi

I cannot be the only one who is bothered by the fact that “gay rumors” about Kandi Burruss are being treated as a “scandalous” story line on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why is the possibility that someone is gay or that she has experimented with her sexuality something that has to be scandalized? Porsha Williams took the heat for Phaedra Parks who first said that Kandi has a sexual history with Porsha’s BFF Shamea Morton and it just turned into a super ugly exchange when they met up to discuss it all.

I would understand why any married person would be offended by rumors that she had an affair, but I don’t get why there’s some sort of added sting to that because Shamea is a woman. I’m over these reality stars justifying themselves by saying “funny” things about how they are “strictly dickly” and whatever other puns to refute the rumors. Just say they’re not true if they are not true. There’s no need to scandalize someone’s possible exploration of their sexuality. And to make matters even worse, Porsha and Kandi’s attempt to talk out the misunderstanding turned into a lot of yelling and accusations. Not only is it a total mess between friends, but it’s really brought on a bigger issue in the eyes of many viewers who are offended by the complete lack of sensitivity when it comes to conveying and marketing this story line.


I just don’t think it’s a big deal if Kandi and Porsha made out at a club. I also don’t think it’s a big deal if Porsha wanted to do more with Kandi- but I do think it’s sad that instead of just saying that Kandi exaggerated the story and that it’s not true, Porsha has acted like she’s appalled by the accusations. Same with Kandi and pretty much everyone else in the cast. Being gay or having an interest in someone of the same sex should not be a controversy. Unfortunately, that’s how this is being treated on this show and I hope that Andy Cohen addresses this at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. I understand to refute an inaccurate statement, but I’m sure that a lot of people would agree with me when I say that the cast members could have been way more sensitive with their words in response to these “rumors.”

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Now that my rant is done (for now), we can get into Porsha’s perspective on the recent events that went down (pun intended) during the most recent episode of RHOA. I have no idea why Kandi and Porsha met up to discuss their differences other than some sort of obligation to hash everything out in front of the cameras.

Porsha shared her latest thoughts in her weekly Bravo blog entry. One thing that I found super interesting is the fact that Porsha did not mention Sheree Whitfield at all, yet clearly refers to her with the “bone collector” references that the other ladies made during the group’s bus ride on the way home from glamping. Is she mad at Sheree for putting this on blast? I figured she would be happy that Sheree’s pot stirring has put Kandi in a tough position, but then again Porsha is the one taking the heat for this whole mess, so I have no idea how she feels. If anything I feel like she should be mad at Phaedra since she’s the one who actually started this whole conversation and on top of that she said nothing at all to support Porsha when the whole cast came at her. What a great “best friend” Porsha has there.

When Porsha was asked about that heated lunch with Kandi she had a lot to say. Porsha claimed, “I was shocked and appalled. My intentions were not to make matters worse but to let her know that the statements the ‘Bone Collector’ made were shade and were misinterpreted and embellished when reported to the other ladies.” Does Porsha not watch this show? We all saw the conversation go down. Sheree may be a shit stirrer, but she’s not a liar (at least in this instance).

Porsha added, “Interestingly enough, while the ‘Bone Collector’ was spilling all her tea, she forgot to mention that she spoke of the closet first.” Yet, Porsha has no mention of Phaedra being the one who turned the conversation from a vague discussion to a very specific one about Kandi, Shamea, and Todd Tucker. But yeah, I don’t blame Porsha for being upset at Sheree. Yeah, Porsha was the one spreading rumors and she was going to get her ass handed to her anyway, but still, Sheree is constantly stirring things up this season and claiming that she just wants everyone to know the truth. As a viewer, I’m living for it, but as one of her friends I would be very scared to talk in her presence.

Porsha continued, “I have no idea why Kandi made such a big deal out of something so small! She knows she has been plagued with these accusations and much worse for years.” I feel like no one who is married wants other people to talk about them having an affair. At the very least, all of the sex talk is very much on-brand for the Bedroom Kandi entrepreneur. So maybe it’s helping out her empire?

Porsha alleged, “My intentions in meeting her were to simply make sure she understood that in no way did I spill the beans on her.” I’m gonna have to call BS on that one. Porsha doesn’t really have much of a story line this season (or any other season) so I’m sure that she was pumped to rile Kandi up at this lunch. I don’t really see how talking about Todd going by “Marvin” to get away with cheating on Kandi falls in line with Porsha’s innocence act here. Porsha continued, “But once I got there, she was angry and confrontational and forced my hand! Kandi called me an aggressive lesbian first, then got mad when her true tea was served at lunch!”

Porsha had a lot of confusing meals during that last episode. Aside from her heated lunch with Kandi, Porsha also met up with her boyfriend/non-boyfriend/possibly future baby daddy Todd. I had no idea what Porsha was looking for there. It seemed like the more Todd showed that he was really down to be with her, the more she wasn’t into it, but then they also kissed so I really have no idea what to make of the whole thing.

When she was asked how she felt “after the conversation with Todd,” Porsha said, “Todd is a great guy, and I feel like from time to time you just have to get real and give men tough love. Everything I said to him came from my heart, and whether we are together or not in the future, I want nothing but the best for him!” I don’t even have an opinion on that. I feel like this poor dude was just on the show so Porsha could think out loud about the possibility of having a baby. Then after one affectionate Instagram went up of the two of them, he chose Porsha over his job without consulting her and it just doesn’t seem like the best decision to make over someone you’re not even officially dating.

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