Stassi Schroeder And Stephen McGee Talk Summer House Vanderpump Rules; Justify Stirring The Pot

I have to admit that I was skeptical of the Vanderpump Rules/ Summer House crossover when the Wirkus Twins made a not-so-subtle visit to go have lunch with Stassi Schroeder at SUR. It felt way too forced to me, but that episode with Kyle Cooke and Stassi’s turtleneck bathing suit in the hot tub got me hooked. And ever since I’ve been living for Stephen McGee’s commentary on all the Summer House antics. Needless to say, I was pumped to listen to Stassi interviewing Stephen on her podcast.

In my dream world, Bravo would air a mini series with the Vanderpump Rules cast and the (relevant) Summer House cast members going on vacation together, but for now, I am more than satisfied with Stassi and Stephen’s talk about the reunion episodes, pot stirring, and the relationships on both shows.


When Summer House first started airing, Stephen came across as the voice of reason. Stephen and Stassi discuss this on her Straight Up With Stassi podcast.

Stephen admitted, “It’s so weird to comment on things that I’m not really involved in, but I do kind of love it.” Stassi added, “You get to stay on the outside of everything and just judge people.” Stephen stated the obvious, “I love judging. ” And Stassi admitted, “So do I. I wish that I could just do that. I could just let everyone else have the drama and then like I just sit there and make my judgments.”

Stephen shared, “I am getting a little bit of hate saying that I’m stirring the shit. I am not stirring the shit.” Stassi didn’t let that fly. She snapped back, “Well, yes you are.” Stephen responded with, “It’s validated.” Stassi kept it real when she said, “That’s our job: to stir the shit. As reality people, at different times we have to start shit, stir the pot, finish the shit.”

Stephen fired some shots at the most disliked person in the cast (Cristina Gibson) when he said, “I think I just present the shit on the platter. I’m like ‘this is really what happened.’ I’m not like Cristina who has to make shit up.” Well, that’s debatable considering that whole story line with Stephen telling Lindsay Hubbard that Everett Weston slept in a bed with four women, but unfortunately we don’t really know what what down with that whole mess at this point.

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Stephen explained how all of the gossip comes his way: “I feel like I’m in a really weird place within the house. People come to me because I didn’t know everyone so well, so they feel a little bit more comfortable telling me their deep secrets.” I get that. Sometimes it’s just way easier to open up to someone who isn’t involved in your life. That’s how I feel when I share all of the ins and outs of my life in the back of an Uber or at the nail salon, but that’s just me.

Stassi asked what all the viewers want to know: “What can I expect to see more of on Summer House on the next few episodes? I hope you guys get a reunion.” Stephen said what we were all thinking: “I hope we get a reunion too. I know that it’s just being talked about right now, but who knows. I just hope we get a season two.” Yes seriously. Yes to the reunion. Yes to the season two. I need it.

Stephen teased, “This season we still have a lot more going on. We have the Carl [Radke] and Lauren [Wirkus] saga. It’s just never over.” That honestly surprises me since I never expected anything to come from it, but Stephen said, “It’s honestly just like a yo-yo. It goes away, it comes back, it goes away, it comes back. So they do more of that.” Oh boy.

Stephen continued, “I’m pretty close with Carl and Carl does what Carl wants to do. That will be the way for the rest of time. No girl is ever going to be able to put a leash on that and keep it under control.” And Stassi made an interesting comparison: “So he’s like Jax [Taylor].” Faintly, I can see that, but I feel Jax has a way more prolific dating and hookup history than Carl, but we are only in season one of Summer House, so I guess we still have more to learn.

Not-so-spoiler-alert, Stephen also shares, “Kyle [Cooke] drinks more Rosé. He drinks more which leads to all sorts of interesting things.” Well, yeah. Of course. This is why I love him.

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As a momentary love interest of Kyle’s, Stassi shared her insight: “Kyle fascinates me when he’s drunk because he get to the point where’s drunk and slurring. He doesn’t know what he’s saying. He’s incoherent.” Stephen interjected, “Slurring is a nice way of putting it. He can’t even say words.” I love Kyle for it though. He was meant for reality TV.

When it comes to his feud with the only Summer House couple, Stephen said, “Lindsay and Everett. I can’t.” Yeah, neither can most of us. “I’ve never seen a relationship quite as combustive.” And I love Stassi for asking, “Have you seen our show?” And I was absolutely living for it when Stephen said, “I’ve seen every f–king episode of your show.” I love when the Bravolebrities cross over and intermingle. It is everything to me.

Still discussing Lindsay and Everett, Stephen said, “I think the only relationship that compares is Kristen [Doute] and James [Kennedy].” I never thought of that one, but it makes total sense to me. Stassi declared, “Kristen’s so much more normal now.” SO true. I am so here for reformed Kristen. She stirs shit up enough just enough and she has the best commentary.

Stephen agreed with me and said, “I love Kristen.” He also admitted, “I found out from the [Wirkus] twins that they were bringing you guys out here and we were going to film this crossover and I was like ‘Oh my god. I don’t think I could be friends with Kristen ever.'” Stassi added, “I feel so bad because so many people think that.”

Stephen shared, “From the first time I met her in person, it was lovely. She’s been nothing but kind and nice.” And Stephen couldn’t leave this season’s most talked about Pump Rules cast member out of the mix so he added, “And Katie [Maloney] too. I feel bad, you guys get real bad wraps and stuck in them too. They just like dig you a ditch and you’re just there for the rest of time.”

Stassi lamented, “No matter what, I will always be the lead mean girl. I could become a nun. I could actually be canonized by the catholic church and I would still get the mean girl character. I know it. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s how it is.”

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I agree, but at least for Stassi‘s sake, there are plenty of other Vanderpump Rules cast members getting hated on this season. Hello, Katie Maloney. She is getting the most shade and social media complaints this season – by far. I think a lot of people have come around to Stassi and they now view Katie as the clique leader, but obviously I’m not getting notifications for all of her Twitter mentions, so I don’t really know what it’s like to be Stassi.

Talk moved to the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Stassi revealed, “We all yelled over each other.  It was actually my favorite one we’ve done yet because there wasn’t just one person who took the heat. I feel like there have been years where I solely took the heat, a year Kristen solely took the heat, and then another year where Jax did. There were so many different dynamics of people going at each other.” I. Cannot. Wait. I hope it lives up to the hype.

Stassi revealed, “The reunion is like the worst day of the year. I dread it every year. I would rather be buried alive for a whole day than do the reunion.” Stephen admitted, “I can’t even imagine how bad it would be. Part of me hopes we don’t get one.” And Stassi said, “I hope so because I want to watch it.” Yes, same.

Stephen asked, “Was there ever a moment when Andy [Cohen] was just kind of there and couldn’t control?” Stassi admitted, “Yeah, there were a lot of times because we yell over each other, you can’t hear, everybody is f–king screaming. It’s just so intense. I feel like we might have three episodes of it.” Oh god. YES. I need to see this.


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