Dorinda Medley Dishes On Sonja Morgan’s Drug Accusations, Luann de Lesseps’s Marriage, & New Cast Member Tinsley Mortimer

Unlike a lot of reality TV stars who put a lot of effort into being interesting, Dorinda Medley is just naturally entertaining, at least in my opinion. She’s a little rough around the edges and always tells it like it is and I love it. Not only that, but she is a lady who never has any qualms sharing her opinions and I live for it.

With that said, Dorinda obviously had a lot to share about Sonja Morgan after she unleashed those drug accusations at the Real Housewives of New York reunion last year, Luann de Lesseps and her marriage to Tom D’Agostino, and even her thoughts on the new Housewife  Tinsley Mortimer.


Dorinda did a great interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast and answered most of the questions that the super fans would want to know. So of course, there was a lot of Sonja talk- which kills me since I am a Sonja and Dorinda fan.

Dorinda stated, “Sonja and I were never friends before the show. I actually knew of Sonja because she was good friends with Ramona [Singer], but you know that saying ‘judge me by the people I avoid.'”

Dorinda continued, “For someone who has no basis to say something so dreadful and hurtful, to not only me,  but to my family, was stunning. The good news is that when people ask me about it, I say ‘Consider the source.'” Oh damn. Dorinda wasn’t done though. Aside from revealing that Sonja never sent an apology text or any sort of follow-up communication after she unleashed those drug claims at the reunion, she really tore into Sonja.

Dorinda declared, “It’s a very funny thing. I really didn’t care because she’s just not credible. Sonja’s just not credible to me and we all know Sonja lives a Sonja life so to be saying things about me like that when she’s never even been out with me- I don’t hang out with Sonja. We’ve never even had a dinner together so I quite frankly didn’t take it seriously and kind of laughed it off.”

The campaign against Dorinda didn’t end at the reunion. Dorinda shared, “What hurt me more is she spent the next few months going to press, going to people in Facebook groups, going to anyone who would listen doing even further stuff. I actually invited her to the Berkshires for the summer and she didn’t even respond. I try to reach out. I try. I really am a person who doesn’t hold grudges. I just don’t think it’s healthy for me and she started spreading even bigger things like I’m broke, I’m a nobody, where did I come from?, I’m jealous, and I spent the whole summer listening and not even responding.”

She also teased how this feud is going to play out this season: “I think that’s what you’ll see in this season. It actually came to a halt. I actually said, ‘Please, Sonja, I’m asking you. Stop doing this. We don’t have to be friends, but stop it.’ And then I just finally said, ‘Now it’s time to cut the head off.'” This is going to be ugly to watch.

Dorinda also talked about the season in a more general sense: “It’s different. It’s not dark. It’s reactive. It’s emotional and I think you’re going to laugh very hard. There’s some very funny scenes. It’s like old school again which I like. We do some really interesting things. We go away a lot more which I think brings out the best and the worst of us.”

Next episode, we get to “meet” the new girl Tinsley Mortimer. As expected Dorinda had a lot to say about that, and it included some more shade directed at Sonja. She remarked, “She really ended up coming into her own. It takes a while. A. she’s younger. B. we’re not exactly an easy group and she had to get back into the swing of it moving back to New York. And she was living with Sonja which I think put her at a bit of a disadvantage because I think she felt she had to be incredibly loyal and correct to Sonja in the beginning.” What is with all of these Housewives shacking up with Sonja? First Luann and now Tinsley? How random that the woman whose home and finances has been questioned the most ends up taking in stray Housewives.

And of course, just like any other Real Housewives of New York conversation, Luann and Tom were discussed. She was asked if she felt like the newlyweds would go the distance and she said, “Absolutely. I’m hoping. Marriage is hard.” Poor Dorinda. She’s the one who introduced these two so I’m sure she’s going to get this question a lot. Sure, she made an effort to be optimistic, but they didn’t really give her much to work with. Dorinda said, “I think the fact that it was incredibly tough. They made it through. They kept it moving. They’re very happy. I’m hoping. What else could happen? The worse of it happened. She’s happy. I know it’s to some people’s nausea.” Umm, yeah. The brag session about the yacht, the penthouse, and the engagement got old real quick. Dorinda also revealed that she didn’t have high expectations for the setup, since she admitted, “I just thought they would have a couple drinks and a roll in the hay.” Same, Dorinda. Same. Same. Same.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]