Sonja Morgan Says Ramona Singer Never Sticks Up For Her

In all honesty, the Real Housewives of New York season 9 premiere was kind of snooze fest. Basically nothing happened, but I was happy to see my girl Sonja Morgan again. In contrast, Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley were happy not to see Sonja. It looks like Sonja has a tough season ahead of her. Even her on-again bestie Ramona Singer didn’t fully have her back – but that is not exactly shocking at this point in the series.

Sonja wasn’t happy to watch the episode and hear what everyone was saying behind her back. At least she had some cute scenes with Bethenny Frankel. It’s surprising after their Tipsy Girl feud last year, but grudges are short-lived on this show. The best alliances friendships are constantly switching up.


Sonja had a lot to say in her Bravo blog after watching. Obviously, she was not pleased to see Luann and Dorinda talking shit about her when they went for a walk. Don’t get me wrong, I live for Sonja, but I could see why they wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who made drug accusations (Dorinda) and won’t stop talking about banging your man (Luann). Sonja really set herself up for a tough Season 9 during last season’s reunion.

Sonja wrote, “The walk with Dorinda is amazing and to just know me and Ramona are still in the crapper over all this? I thought Luann and I got past this and were cool? And Dorinda? I’m the one that should be hurt.”

Did I miss something? Why would Sonja be hurt by Dorinda when she was the one publicly shitting on her and accusing her of doing drugs. I love Sonja, but there’s no way she’s an equal adversary going up against Dorinda.

Sonja also seems to blame Dorinda for her rift with Luann – instead of her own chatter about her “relationship” with Tom D’Agostino and Luann alienating herself from the group because of her fixation with her own engagement. Sonja complained, “Do I wanna even work on this? I had so much fun with Luann living with me, and we were such good friends, and now the meddler got right in there.” Maybe Dorinda stirred the pot, but let’s keep it real: Sonja isn’t totally innocent here.

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Even though Bethenny shit on Sonja more than anyone else did last season, Sonja has nothing but love for the Skinnygirl founder. She shared, “So happy Bethenny came over to see my place and feel what I’m going through and just to generally have silly fun like the old days. She always gets a good laugh from ‘Sonja World.’ I love her advice, and I love her teasing me! Beats ass kissing and backstabbing every time. I get so tired of people with an agenda. I have dealt with it since I was a young girl.”

Ever since Ramona and Sonja grew apart a few seasons ago, things just don’t seem the same. I fear we are never going to get Ramonja back at full throttle, especially since Sonja said, “I felt she had said very unsupportive things and facilitated Dorinda in separating us. I was not happy with what thy were saying about me behind my back. Especially Ramona, because we were good friends.”

Sonja continued, “She never sticks up for me. I’m always there to fight for her. And Luann – I’m always there for her, no matter what man comes along. Even if they dated me first. I wasn’t predicting doom for her and Tom. I was just saying I’m there for her no matter what. Always have. Whether they are together or not.  Now she’s mad at me? Geeez. Tune in next week. See where this leads.”

I get Sonja‘s point. She was saying what we were ALL thinking when it comes to Luann and Tom’s relationship, but Luann is not going to accept anyone who is less than obsessed and supportive of her marriage.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]